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  1. Thanks..I like the way white LE looks. I've seen a lot of your kites and took some inspiration from that.
  2. I'm only trying to sell the sail, Im new to 4 line kites and love it so far. I decided to build my own kites after looking at what Rev. has to offer and I don't like some of their color choices for the models I want. I used this 1.5 as a template and now i don't need it anymore. I haven't been at this sport for long, only a few months so I have no references. But if you pay by Paypal you can get protection that way, but honestly it isn't much to go through all this trouble to scam someone tbh. So I can include the sail and bridle, that's it. I have been lurking the Rev forum and this one to steal some secrets from you guys..included some photos of the kites I've made..
  3. Hey everyone, flew this about 10 times, bought it new and in great condition. This is for the sail only, doesn’t come with anything else. asking $75 OBO + shipping.
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