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  1. Beginners: Please, the area where these shots were taken (Goschs Paddock) is not suitable for beginners to fly kites. Hazards include the usual pedestrians, bicycles, and cars but also trains, trams, and professional athletes. Flying a kite safely in this area requires knowledge of weather, kite handling, and local conditions. You can also see a bit of the Melbourne Cricket Ground to the right in the second photo. It turns out rugby goals are hollow at the top. Or at least this one is.
  2. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Stainless-steel-kite-Line-String-Ballbearing-Wheel-Winder-Reel-Lockable-Handle/252947887099?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 Safety: Never stick your fingers into the holes in the wire frame. You could get pinched between the frame and the part that holds the little wheel. Easy of winding: Excellent. Capacity: If you need more line than this can hold, you are probably flying higher than is legal. So it's good. I am using 300 lb Dacron. Durability: It seems pretty hard to break. Lock: It locks. It takes a bit of force to operate the lock. That is good when unlocking but bad when locking. Weight: It's pretty heavy. But if you're strong enough to handle a big kite, it will work fine. You might not want to bring it if it's more than 5 km walk. Ratchet: None. Price: Cheap for a winder.
  3. Those "kites" are sky diving canopies. I hope to go back and KAP some airborne skydivers some time (from a safe distance).
  4. Frameless would be nice for portability. The LS-30 actually has a frame, but it bends easily.
  5. I have been using this LS-30: https://www.kitesmart.com.au/products/sleds-lifter-kites-rainbow-ls30-lifter-sled It gets unstable above 30 km/h. What should I use for lifting my KAP rig when the wind is above 30 km/h? My criteria: Cheap, including shipping to Australia Doesn't pull so much it's dangerous I have to hold it in one hand to attach the KAP rig Portable (I take my kite on my bicycle) Stable Can lift my very light KAP rig Thanks for your suggestions!
  6. Including some Segways in action on the beach.
  7. I thought KAP Jasa could use some company in this forum. https://goo.gl/maps/XCHqYh4AF6w Skydog LS-30 with GoPro.
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