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  1. i plan to fly my two line stunt, big buzz kite at the beach this month. I haven't got to fly much because of lack of wind. Anywho the wind is supposed to be around 10-12 MPH. My question is, concern maybe ... when i fly now i try to have ~200 feet in all directions. On the beach shore line I'm not going to get this. What should i do to fly safely? How big of a deal is it if the kite goes into the water? How do i keep people walking the beach from walking into my crash zone?
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    Havent had any wind for the past two weeks where I can fly. Not sure if its just my area or if i need to look into a low wind kite. Some days the weather says 5mph winds but its always in bursts from no wind to a few gusts and its just not enough to fly Also, higher winds seem to be associated with an upcoming rain storm.
  3. what thread has the details on the discount ?
  4. jamesy

    Low Wind

    can you confirm, what kite is this?
  5. I posted a new thread in reference to your post, I didnt want to take this thread off topic. Some places get upset about such.
  6. So i ended up ordering the big buzz flexifoil for my first kite. I was concerned about the material of the lines (dyneema?), so I called flexifoil last week and spoke with someone who told me it was dyneema that has been pre-stretched. This surprised me as I have read a few people here on the forums who were unsure of its makeup. Anyone have any comments here? Now im waiting on it to arrive. I'm hoping that in low wind times it will be flyable by my Son.
  7. Probably a dumb question and its probably been asked a billion times but here we go When your flying a 2 or 4 string kite (i'm flying 2 strings) and the kite does a full circle in the air to the right .... lets say it does four full circles in the air to the right - this would mean the strings are wound four times in that direction and the way to proceed without causing a huge mess with the strings would be to immediately do four circles in the opposite direction (the left) .. Is my thinking right here?
  8. I spoke with Prism who suggested that I stick with 170 or below as they felt the 200 would be to much pull for my son. I still havent bought anything yet. Not sure what route I should take honestly. I like the idea of going with a larger wing span so that I can fly it in lower wind speed (which my historical data seems to indicate we have) .. however with that larger wing span I also get more pull which wouldnt be great for my son.
  9. while the price point on the big buzz flexifoil is tempting, especially with 30bucks off (60 bucks total) ... it appears the lines provided are not dyneema and may stretch. So im looking at the prism or hq. Still not sure about size. I want it to be fun for my son. Not sure if i should go smaller, 1.3 maybe.
  10. biggest question i think is what size. All three makers are reputable and I probably cant go wrong - the question is do i go larger with more pull for a slower speed at the risk of it being to 'pully' for my son to fly or do i go smaller with a faster fly so that it will have less pull. Thats a difficult choice. I could go the middle road, 1.7/1.8 170 180 ... Im not sure really
  11. I guess that leaves me asking - which is a power vs sport? the symphony 180 beach version and the pro version are listed as the same measurements 180 long and 60 tall The big buzz flexifoil is listed as a power kite so i assume its larger in size naturally though the demontions are not listed on their site The prism synapse is just correlated with its model, 170 = ~170cm long. Height isn't listed. Power im assuming is larger and has more lift/pull. Sport being less lift/pull and is faster flowing in the air.
  12. i didnt catch what that prior linked article was trying to convey regarding the difference between a sport and power kite - my assumption is the difference between say the wing span vs the height of the kite. Is that right?
  13. what is the best site to check my historical wind speeds ?
  14. I also didnt think about how the smaller wing span will require higher wind speeds for flying. Is this important and something I should take into consideration?
  15. maybe what im asking wasn't asked well. I think what im trying to say is how the lines attach to the kite itself. Some are sew directly into the fabric and others are tied (maybe). The lines that you hold tie into the bridle, but the lines that attach to the kite and the bridle point ... it seems some are directly sewn into the fabric while others have tie points. Is there any reason as to why the preference for the HQ symphony over something like the flexifoil or prism ? Can anyone suggest where to purchase a decent set of second strap handles and possibly a tail?
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