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  1. Hey everyone! Long time lurker, new poster. I wasn't sure the best spot for this post, so posting in this area. I have searched online for some replacements line set(s), but I have come up pretty empty handed for my Mighty Bug kite. I am wondering if you all may know where I can find or have line sets made for it? The line spec is 150# x 65' dyneema. I have found some that are 150# x 80' but likely overlooked some options. I am not necessarily opposed to making my own line sets, but I'd have to try making some shorter ones first so as to not waste so much material (line and sleeves) until I get it down to get each line even. I'd have to search for tutorials and get a good way to measure and good places to buy material from. Until then, it'd be more convenient to see if I could get at least a couple of sets made. That includes from any members here that perform such work or elsewhere. Thanks everyone for considering my inquiry and for your time. Thanks!
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