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  1. DTill

    Bonded dynemma, need design help?

    Keeping mesh square is really hard. I should've bound the leading edge when I originally taped it out. Live and learn, it's my first time sewing a kite. Lay off I'm not bazzer. Is this why riff gives me most of his tips in a pm?
  2. DTill

    Bonded dynemma, need design help?

    I've got enough framing and parts to build 4. Next 2 will be dynemma bonded ultralights. Probably a 1.5 and b2. Might have enough fabric to do a Zen size instead of the B2. Can't find a Zen sized plan anywhere.
  3. DTill

    Bonded dynemma, need design help?

    I've got a little sag on the left side of the sail. It would be alot of seam ripping and resewing. How perfect does the first one need to be? Power forward and see how it flys?
  4. DTill

    Bonded dynemma, need design help?

    Creased a 2in tail into double fold bias tape for the LE. Attached 1.1oz. mesh w/ 1in bow in the leading edge. Re-enforced all the corners. Ready for lead edge tomorrow. Thanks for everyones input. Should I change the threads subject to be more appropriate " New guys first kite build ". D.T.
  5. DTill

    Bonded dynemma, need design help?

    So past me screwed over future me again, how should've I finished this edge. Do I create a double fold bias tape and attach the loose tail ends to it, or just say screw it and sew a leading edge directly to it. Do you really need mesh on a mesh kite?
  6. DTill

    Bonded dynemma, need design help?

    The challenge poly isn't on there website anymore. I guess I'll try a mesh! Prism micron tails. 100% mesh? 2" strips 2" holes? Just wanted to build one and find the hiccups.
  7. DTill

    Bonded dynemma, need design help?

    Maybe I'll pickup some type tyvek on the way home.
  8. DTill

    Bonded dynemma, need design help?

    And i have a bunch of tape. This fabric is hard to find. Don't want to screw up the first project.
  9. Going to build a 1.5 sized quad using .51 oz. Dynemma bonded with 3m 9485 tape. I want to build a SUL quad, framed with P90's, hot cut LE holes "freilein style ". I want to add a little belly to it to increase sail area. Already have some 3 winds diamond bridles to use. Want to keep the dimensions as close to 1.5 size to use the bridles. I'm ready to go just need some direction. Can I join the 2 triangles with a 2" flat seam at the V and reinforce the V? Rev has a diamond in the center, is that needed to distribute the forces? Anyone have a good link to a bonded build thread. I've searched but hadn't found much other than " you should do one".
  10. DTill

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    Did I win?
  11. Going to be at D river for Thanksgiving. Anyone want to meet up and fly? Do a super classy dinner at the Nauti mermaid, Kyllo's or Chinook winds?
  12. Paul If i bought a reflex spider could I use skyshark clx tubes to reframe as a 2-3-4 wrap? Using the 150-250-350 tubes? I only have a reflex classic full sail now with the 3 wrap frame and built a p90 frame that I fly on 50#x50 lines. So I'm not in deep with race frames. Revs website only says 5/16s tubes, nothing about id/od. The clx tubes are only 3.50$ a stick, so I could have 3-4 frames pretty cheap. One question, would one only fly a spider on 90# x 90` lines or tie up a set of 150# x 120`lines?
  13. Wow, thanks for all the responses. I didn't expect my "Hello" thread to blow up like like this. Probably going to buy a vented and slowly sew up a mesh / vented 1.5 & 2 over the winter. Everyone's responses where fairly overwhelming. So the shook mesh is out of my price range right now. I have a rev classic 1.5 standard grey fade from Kite connection. Classic 1.5 full vent from kite connection or the newer rx spider as next purchase?
  14. Riff, interested in some of the mesh tails kites you built. I'm looking into a vented quad, wondering if i should try sewing one up. I've got a few tails from the microns. We have a sunroom almost dedicated to sewing already, girlfriend is really into it and i bought her a nice Brother xr1300 a few years back. It has the three loop stich programmed. She wants me to build a layout table in the corner. I've scratch built 3d rc planes from sheets of epp foam and printed plans. Seems doable?
  15. Funny you bring the airstrip thing up, I happen to live on Piper Dr. With an airstrip in my backyard. Maybe I should get some leds and try night flying. It's illegal to fly kites within 5 miles of a airstrip, but i have steady 3-5 blowing straight down the tarmac. And it's dark. Maybe the 35ft. lines have a calling. Your a bad influence.