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  1. Link doesn't seem to work. Might need to make it viewable to the public. I flew with a friend on the beachs on the S.E. side of Wickiup reservoir on Sat. South of the dam. Had great wind, several kite boarders were out. One guy said it wasn't enough wind? At the same time I almost switched to my full vent. I think he was afriad to put it in the power zone.
  2. Picture of the actual kite could help. Aren't those all phoenix kites?
  3. Maybe drive over to the dry lake beds or try flying on the edge of lake mead. Could take a while to figure lake mead, but could have a constant breeze in one direction as the sun hits the lake. I live inland, but learn 10x as fast when in perfect conditions at the coast. Might have to be at the boat lauch below the haicenda at dawn and see what happens. Google wind forcasts for your area to find how the wind works there. You live near the biggest canyon in the world, the wind should move up and down it with some consistently. Think you could have great winds there you just need to time it right.
  4. Sage advise. Hopefully the OP is gleaning info here.
  5. Total quad head but , isn't this the opposite theory of tuning quads? Wouldn't you want to square the sail in light winds to increase the pressure and nose in to dump pressure in high winds. I know it's all theory, but both schools of thought work for me. I fly super brake heavy on my quads, second knot on TK's leaders. I guess you can kick in drive with a quad, if you have no drive on a dual in won't go anywhere.
  6. Headiing to Pine Nursery now if your interested. I'll be the only one flying a quad.
  7. I have 4 yards of blue polyester ripstop from flymart and a yard each of white, black, grey and red texalon from flymart. Started cutting and piecing together some of the texalon, but the weave fibers are very wavy and the fabric has lots of memory. I cut a bunch of hexagons and 60°diamond pieces to do a M.C. Esherish transitions / tumbling blocks pattern out of the texalon. But it seems that the fabric has lots of memory and a kite built this way wouldn't fly worth a damn. Thinking about building a 2m Rok with the polyester as a 6 peice main sail and appliacing the pattern on top with the texalon. Big question is whether I should build in the traditional method of webbing and velcro for pockets or do it quad style and use bungis and caps? I won't fly this is as fighter, only to lift the 12ft. spiky ball I want to buy.
  8. I was there as well and festival was amazing. I only flew on the north side of the river. Was mainly on 30ft lines and like to move while I fly, flying a quad under and around everyone else was challenging but fun. I felt like part of the fest, like the random juggler walking through a fest. I had people that had never seen a quad start filming me, stating that they had never seen such precise control, then I drop a catch and throw and nail it! Poof minds blown. Flew some team with 2 other kitelifers after that farther down the beach. Good times.
  9. I'll back up Riff on the freilein vertigo. Flew one in Lincoln city and there quite nice.
  10. I had a hypnotist and it's a fairly heavy kite. Doesn't handle the lulls very well. I would look for a 3/4 sized light wind kite.This one weighs half of a hypnotist and is cheaper. ITW swift.https://intothewind.com/stunt-kites/light-wind-stunt-kites/itw-swift-light-wind-stunt-kite.html
  11. You just missed the Lincoln City kite fest last weekend. It was a great time and I got to fly team quads with some fellow kitelifers. I have a kymerra with an ultra lite frame in it, if you want to try it. I think thier still 50% off at Into the Wind? Or if you really want to start spending money there's always quads. I could meet you at Pine Nursery tomorrow afternoon, I have a kymera and a 4d, for duals and a full bag of quads. I don't hnow anyone else in town that flys regularly. The fairgrounds in Redmond has cleaner air and way less people. It's worth the drive.
  12. Thanks for the replys. I think I have some foam safe contact cement in the garage.
  13. Thats to bad. I bought some end caps from her at the Lincoln City indoor a while back. I'll find her at the Lincoln City summer fest. I 'll be at quad clinic this weekend. And at Lincoln city the next weekend
  14. Where is his shop. Driving from Bend to Long Beach on Friday. Want to stop by the kite shoppe on the way and say hi to Theresa.
  15. Aren't those solid stock aluminum. I'd prefer hollow stainless.
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