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  1. That would be fun to try!! I was told to try and find a 10' one!! Nator
  2. My first kite was a New Tech Fire Cracker. I still have it. Is probably 16 years old. I still enjoy flying it. I couldn't afford a NTK Firestorm at the time so I got the Fire Cracker. It's been a good kite and have let many youngsters fly it.
  3. I know the 9 meter Wosling kite is frames in close to 3/4" and the 12 meter one is framed in 1". I haven't asked Bernd in a few weeks about my 5 meter kite. But hopefully will get that heading my way soon. 15-18 foot dual, I would say that Icarex should be fine, and would agree that the frame, stitching, bridal, and line set will be more of a concern. Thor's Hammer is 12mm and 10mm framing. The problem is finding the fittings. If yo find a source, please let me know! I would also think that if you framed in 12mm it would be strong enough. Nator
  4. I don't think I could do that to a my Thor's Hammer!
  5. HiNator86


    It flies slow, has a pull and will slide you across the ground. It can be tricked, but I don't know how to trick (I don't care to either). When I fly this kite, I grin from ear to ear and the feeling is fantastic! For size, I hope to fly more soon. I haven't flown much lately but when I do get to fly, this will come out and I'll get a size comparison.
  6. I haven't had time to fly yet, or even get to open the kite up to look at the basic.........life....... never enough time to get done what I want in the time frame that I want. Hopefully this weekend I'll get time to fly.
  7. Alright, I have my "Day Savers," (Delta Hawk and 3D) but most the time here in West Michigan they are never really high winds. But on the occasion that they do get to above 20MPH, what are tips and tricks for launching and landing then when flying alone?
  8. I'm glad to hear this. I like my Mamba and am getting a UL Moonie Mamba this year. I'd like to get a vented Mamba in the near future to finish out my set. Thank you to all for the great advice on which kite to get. I think I have a line on a Vented Jam Session to go with my Jam that I already have. I know there are still a bunch that want to weigh in, please do! Thanks Nator
  9. Thanks for the reply. I posted it here, because I noticed I posed it in to the wrong spot. Thanks Nator
  10. Sorry, I'm a dual line guy. I'm looking for a vented dual line, and wondering what y'all think i should get. Nator
  11. I'm looking for a vented kite. What are some good options? Thanks Nator
  12. I have delta conyne that when I launch it it flies to the left. How do I correct it? Thanks Nate
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