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  1. No repairs or tears. In very good shape. $500 for the 10 or will sell 2 separate 5 stacks for $250 each.
  2. Hey Stuntkiteman, You every thought of selling the Arbitrator or Tivar? I'm interested. Geo.
  3. Thanks for responding. I think I have a couple of kites lined up. I'll see if they come through. If not, I'll check back with you.
  4. I'm looking for an original 10 ft. Flexifoil (Ray Merry type) that has either a STARS and STRIPES, FLAMES, RAINBOW or all BLACK, ORANGE or YELLOW pattern. Maybe interested in a 12ft or 16ft. if you have one. I'm not looking for the newer parafoil kites. Thanks!
  5. Hi Spiegz, I have an original Neptune signed by Joel it’s number 114 that I’m willing to sell. Go to Stunt Kite Classics on Facebook to see photos.
  6. Hi elliott, I'm always looking for the big boys. What do you have? Please PM with your list. Thanks!
  7. Hi wind warrior, Your 5 meter kites are they framed or are they foils? I'm old school, I prefer framed kites.
  8. Hi elliott, I'm always looking for the big boys. What do you have? Please PM with your list. Thanks!
  9. That's a very nice kite, but I'm looking for kites that can really pull and 9ft and up can do that. Thanks for response.
  10. Hi All, Looking for ex. large stunt kites with a "9ft. wingspan or over": HQ Silent Dart Funtastic HQ Devil Wing 3.2 Banshee 10 ft. Predator ELMO – EX Large Magnum Opus Thors Hammer Mirage XXL 12ft version. Balance XL 12ft. Flying Wings Pandora 10'6'' Flexi Matrix 9ft. Elliot Mystic In To The Wind Goliath Skyburner XXL Topas 4.5 Or any other large dual line kite. Thanks! Geo.
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