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  1. thanks for the tips folks. I'll order some new leads, recheck line length, and check the bridle. I"ll be honest, i didnt think to give the bridle anything more than a cursory glance so i'm hoping that is the problem.
  2. no. stock setup on everything. line lengths are ok.
  3. Hey everybody! I need a bit of advice. i've been flying my rev for a bit less than a year now, with about 20 or so flights under my belt but the last few times have given me some issues. flying a rev exp with standard lines, no changes made from stock. i truly thought i was getting the hang of flying and my progression was great, then about a month ago i hit a roadblock. i've flown about 4 times since the issue started and it doesn't seem to get any worse but it doesnt seem to be getting any better either. it seems no matter the wind speed the kite wants to immediately climb to the top center of the window and stay almost overhead. i can coax it back down but in the bottom 20% of the window its HIGHLY unpredictable and almost uncontrollable. forget trying to land back smoothly and safely. its so unpredictable and uncontrollable i'm not comfortable flying it. i'm not sure if its something i'm doing, or something has happened to the kite. if anyone has any ideas or advice i'd appreciate it. thanks, mike
  4. Hi all, names Mike, I'm from raleigh NC. My family and I make numerous trips to the wilmington/ carolina beach area every year, and i have a bit of work that requires me to be there often as well. Looking forward to meeting some of you!
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