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  1. Not sure that worked @riffclown, but I think I saw the blue box and clicked on it so I think I got it right now
  2. @riffclown Did you get tagged? Thanks for explanation.
  3. What a great story, RobB! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to get these great shots. I have the Kevlar cord...not sure what thickness, but the kites they made are really beautiful...
  4. Thank you, Wayne Dowler....I'm flying a Cobra kite at this time...it is not that big. I'm thinking of using it as a pattern to make my own design, using nylon fabric and sewing. I attached a photo of the cobra I have. A single line kite for sure.
  5. until

    I don't see anyone in this chat...maybe another time. Good night.
  6. until

    Looks interesting!
  7. I found one of those little wooden stirrers today...flat piece of wood about 2/8 of an inch wide and flat...I'm wondering if I find long pieces of this type of wood, if it would work to make spines (I think they are called spines...just learning my vernacular)...they bend gently and have some strength. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'll attach an image.
  8. You mean like this: @RobB....this is a test to see if I get a response, as I am not very tagging sauvy...
  9. I'm just seeing this now...I have probably sent you a couple of comments, but didn't realize it. Just getting use to this great site. I am also in Suffolk county on the North shore, Huntington Station. It's starting to get colder now so not sure when I will be kiting again. I don't have set hours...I'm a newbie. I just went to the local school yard and playgrounds around. I was interested in making a paper messenger note to send up. I have tried it a few times with no success. I have made a circle of paper and cut it and taped it on. I want to send it up to the heavens to say hello to
  10. Hello RobB:

    I have heard great things about you.  Will there be any Long Island Kite Festivals in the near future.  I live in Huntington Station and I'm a Newbie.

    1. RobB


      Unfortunately, there is only one festival around here that you don't have to go over a bridge, that would be the Coney Island festival, which is usually early fall. BUT, Jones Beach, field 6 every Sunday you will usually find some people flying.

  11. Hello Rob...I have heard great things about you. I hear you are on Long Island. Will there be any other kite festivals on Long Island in the near future? I live in Huntington Station.
  12. I will try and find Robs Schnizzle videos....I will look around here and on YouTube I guess...Thanks.
  13. I have a Flap Floblem tattoo on my arm! It is a character I created.
  14. Thanks for the definition of frob! Earning a new brain cell every day.
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