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  1. Thank you very much for your replies For everyone interested in built/ buy octopus kite there's what I have found + my decesion: There is kite plan for 7m octopus requiring 15m of ripstop nylon: https://www.kiteplans.org/planos/octopus/octopus.html 15 m ripstop nylon from Emma kites is 60-70 $ You can find 8m octopus without line for 30-38 $ Since I want to begin with something smaller than 30m octopus , already have a line and want to see the octopus live, then take inspiration from that (now I got no exp with kitemaking or inflanteble kites at all). Regarding the above points, buy is a clear choice.
  2. Dear kiters, I am quite fascinated about inflatable arms of octopus kites. Side question: is there any simmilar type of kite? Inflatable, moving, rotating parts? Octopus is nothing unique and I would love to stay with what I like about octopus but be more unique. The main thing: Have somebody tried making their own octopus kite? Before we dive into how, I would like to discuss if its worth it. I can buy 40$ 8m octopus from china , the price for ripstop nylon is about 30$ for1,5x10 m. So is it worth the effort? I am just starting with kites (have only one delta) thus have no ideo if I want 8m or larger octopus, but I like to make stuff, so I consider learning new thing and build it by myself. I hope you have a fantastic day
  3. Ah I how it happened that I didnt think of this by ma own... Thank you very much! My tests: my 3 AA batteries are togather 3,78 V a single fresh button CR2450 3V is actually 3,24 V – still not powerful enough. Green LEDs are the brightest and both red and white are barely wisible. I found tiny 1 cm in diameter button cell. (V13GA) and it is 1,5 V. So it is same voltage as AA but for 'zero' weight. Now I dont have to worry about placement since it weights nothing! Hope I will share some pictures soon
  4. Hello, lovely kite people :) I got two questions: 1) I would love to attach some lights to my kite. Lights by itself are OK, all the weight is batterry box. I have 6 AA batteries, that is bit more than 140g. Where should I place the battery box, so that my kite will take off without problem. I have delta kite. 2) My delta kite has two options where to tie the line. See the picture. I understand that the front one (A) will provide more pull, thus better in lighter winds. Do I say it right please? 2.2) But how to approach a real situation? It is hard to lift my kite, because the wind is slow. But after succesfull climbing there is much stronger wind in 50-200 m above ground. Which one should I choose? Thank you very much for any advice :) PS: pardon my English
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