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  1. Because I don't want to do it experimentally. Or if I do I want to have a prediction first. But mostly I like physics.
  2. Thank you for commenting. I would never think of some dangers you mentioned. Fortunately I won't have a chance to be in the majority of scenarios mentioned. Regarding the calm case of a kite just sliding down: I calculated a terminal velocity of a kite v = 3-5 m/s (the maximum falling speed). Meaning a kite in 5 m/s (11,2 mph) wind at height h = 100 m (328 ft) will travel 100-166 m (328-544 ft) downwind
  3. I used 10 m/s wind. I am using sin() to do that. Bcs sine(0) =0, sin(90) = 1. I think it's correct bcs if you are calculating for a rectangle A=a*b, then multiplying by sin gets the job done. And if rectangle approximation is not enough. I am not able to complete these calculations. I used the coefficient out of table on wiki, which was 1.28 for flat plate perpendicular to flow. 1.28 is one of the largest numbers there above that is only Empire State Building 1.5 and Eiffel Tower 2. So I doubt 1.8 is correct, it's too much. Increasing it from 1.2 -> 1.8 will mean 4 kg ->
  4. I thought it's pretty crazy that a flock of birds got tangled into kite line and you were pulling them to the shore to help them... Glad you all teamed up to rescue your kite birds. They look awesome! Did you make them by your own, any chance for a template?
  5. Edit: it's quite accurate I have 2 kg reel which somewhat levitates, meaning sometimes the pull is enough and sometimes is not. And I am flying at lower speeds than 10 m/s. (Ignore: I just got confused why I have 91 kg line when 4 is enough pardon confusion I am not sure where could be a mistake but 4 kg strength kite line seems too little!!! And in my opinion the simplifications I made increases the result.)
  6. Variables that goes into account are known to me. Was just curious on seeing it Hope you managed to safe your kite from the tree somehow.
  7. The title says it all. I would like to watch a video where a kite line is broken and see what is happening to the kite. Mainly to see how far it is going to travel* and how safe/ dangerous it is. There is a video where the camera is filming from the falling kite: YT link but I would like to see it from my (kite operator or how we call ourselves) perspective. *I have the knowledge to calculate hit, but you know I'd rather look. And I hesitate to do such an experiment.
  8. Thank you very much for your replies For everyone interested in built/ buy octopus kite there's what I have found + my decesion: There is kite plan for 7m octopus requiring 15m of ripstop nylon: https://www.kiteplans.org/planos/octopus/octopus.html 15 m ripstop nylon from Emma kites is 60-70 $ You can find 8m octopus without line for 30-38 $ Since I want to begin with something smaller than 30m octopus , already have a line and want to see the octopus live, then take inspiration from that (now I got no exp with kitemaking or inflanteble kites at all). Regarding
  9. Dear kiters, I am quite fascinated about inflatable arms of octopus kites. Side question: is there any simmilar type of kite? Inflatable, moving, rotating parts? Octopus is nothing unique and I would love to stay with what I like about octopus but be more unique. The main thing: Have somebody tried making their own octopus kite? Before we dive into how, I would like to discuss if its worth it. I can buy 40$ 8m octopus from china , the price for ripstop nylon is about 30$ for1,5x10 m. So is it worth the effort? I am just starting with kites (have only one delta) thus
  10. Ah I how it happened that I didnt think of this by ma own... Thank you very much! My tests: my 3 AA batteries are togather 3,78 V a single fresh button CR2450 3V is actually 3,24 V – still not powerful enough. Green LEDs are the brightest and both red and white are barely wisible. I found tiny 1 cm in diameter button cell. (V13GA) and it is 1,5 V. So it is same voltage as AA but for 'zero' weight. Now I dont have to worry about placement since it weights nothing! Hope I will share some pictures soon
  11. Hello, lovely kite people :) I got two questions: 1) I would love to attach some lights to my kite. Lights by itself are OK, all the weight is batterry box. I have 6 AA batteries, that is bit more than 140g. Where should I place the battery box, so that my kite will take off without problem. I have delta kite. 2) My delta kite has two options where to tie the line. See the picture. I understand that the front one (A) will provide more pull, thus better in lighter winds. Do I say it right please? 2.2) But how to approach a real situation? It is hard to lift my kite, becaus
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