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  1. This is great flying. Have you ever busted your face? I could see it happening!!
  2. Hi Marty. Just wondering what you ended up getting?
  3. THIS EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO 9-28, I will still be there. Come out and lets fly!! I made some 120 ft. lines
  4. One week away!! The winds are going to be great, so is the weather!!
  5. Great job John, the follow-up after the sale!!
  6. Are handles something Kiteforge will offer in the near future?
  7. Come fly with me. I will have 120 ft. lines, my first time on them. What could go wrong??
  8. A long term forecast .... mid 80's, winds ENE 12 gusts to 18, a chance of a pop up shower (it's Florida) Florida flyers in the area come out and join me, teach me how to team fly!!
  9. Was it his kite?? Hahaha. I would have been Michael Phelpsing it to save one of mine!!
  10. Thank you Riffclown!! I will let you know when they arrive.
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