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  1. THIS EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO 9-28, I will still be there. Come out and lets fly!! I made some 120 ft. lines
  2. One week away!! The winds are going to be great, so is the weather!!
  3. Great job John, the follow-up after the sale!!
  4. Are handles something Kiteforge will offer in the near future?
  5. I like the dark one.
  6. Come fly with me. I will have 120 ft. lines, my first time on them. What could go wrong??
  7. A long term forecast .... mid 80's, winds ENE 12 gusts to 18, a chance of a pop up shower (it's Florida) Florida flyers in the area come out and join me, teach me how to team fly!!
  8. Was it his kite?? Hahaha. I would have been Michael Phelpsing it to save one of mine!!
  9. Thank you Riffclown!! I will let you know when they arrive.
  10. • Free kites for first 150 kids• Sand sculpture contest for kids 12 + under • Kayak + paddle board demos• Games + activities• Cosmos Ice Cream Bus • and MORE!!!
  11. FYI... the beach at high tide is only 65 to 70 ft wide. I am typically on 65 ft lines. Double that at low tide. Teams on 120 might be out of the question with the most likely east wind.
  12. Sept. 14th 8am at Cherrie Down Park. This is not my event. I have never been to this. I don't know the details. I do know that I will be there with my quads and it would be great to have some flying with me. If you have any questions about the area I can answer those. 7656202122 leave a message. This will be held in conjunction with a soft surf board contest.
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