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  1. Corey Bell

    Learning catch and throw. Need some tips.

    Sideways? like wing tip leading?
  2. Corey Bell

    UMMM now what?

    I'm going to order some of these and try them on my revs!! Anyone do this yet?
  3. Corey Bell

    UMMM now what?

    UPDATE 2-8-19 I got the bridle on my vented, thank you all for the help. Good winds today and got to fly it for 2 hours or so. A really nice day to be barefoot in the sand!! It is a little different from what was on before, not enough to hinder flight.
  4. Corey Bell

    UMMM now what?

    Thank you.
  5. Corey Bell

    UMMM now what?

    My new bridle has arrived. Thank you Kitelife!!
  6. Corey Bell

    Throwin Shade.jpg

    Thank you.
  7. Corey Bell


    Thank you Wayne. I did convert my only pair (the bottoms for now) to snagless, yes easy enough and I did avoid "THE BURR" thanks to the men and woman who traveled before me!!
  8. Corey Bell


    UPDATE 2-5-19... I ordered a roll of line to make my own. The handles and winders I am still searching. Snagless 13" for $40.00 looks like a good deal!!
  9. Corey Bell

    Skyknife Indoor/Outdoor by Korvokites

    That is a bit different and he flies it well. Fun to watch.
  10. Corey Bell

    This happened today!! 1-31-19

    Before going out to fly today I notice some fraying on a wing tip bridle of my 1.5 vented. Not having enough line to make a new one (I don't know how anyway) I took the one from my reflex. It basically stays in the bag since I got the vented. Fits perfect, flew great, and ordered a replacement. Hi Corey Bell, Thank you for your order at KiteLife Forum. Your payment has been received and approved. We will send you another email when your item has been dispatched. — KiteLife Forum Order #3039 clean winds 8 to 10mph, 65 degrees, hardly anyone on the beach, it was a great day to fly for 3 hours. It's hard to beat barefoot in the sand with a quad line kite in your hands!!
  11. Welcome to the forum IanD. Enjoy the wealth of information that this site has to offer.
  12. Corey Bell

    Greetings to all from SE PA!

    Welcome aboard!
  13. Corey Bell

    My sons first indoor performance

    Great performance.
  14. Corey Bell

    New Member. Cocoa Beach, Florida

    UPDATE 1-28-19 First...Can you believe it's January 28th already??? What do you do when you take your daughter to Eastern Florida State College for a 3 hour exam? Fly in a field across from the student center of course. Until security comes in a golf cart and asks "what are you doing?" My standard smart ass answer "isn't it obvious?" The puzzled look on his face means no, it's not obvious. Me "flying a kite" His answer "not on this property" Me "ok I'll leave" I did try 2 new things 1) i wrapped my lines around a nice smooth pole to try a dog stake style, pole dancing move... FAIL 2) tried to dunk into a retention pond... FAIL The open come fly on me field...Fail The moral... She scored well on her exam!!!!! I did equalize my lines when I got home... Tops where an inch or more longer than the bottoms. Not any more!!