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  1. 200 unrepaired. 230 and more time ship if i get it repaired. Ships with original bag. Spoilers and spoilers bag. Small hole in sail pictured. not from puncture from leading edge, thankfully. All velcro dots are still present though the adhesive is losing its grip on 2 of them.
  2. Prism Illusion 2000 for sale. Color scheme purple/black/white. Complete with bag, spoiler. Broken upper leading edge. Pictures and more information to follow. Feel free to message with any further questions.
  3. Prophecy lightly used 250. Complete with case.-Sold Ozone- used maybe a dozen times no visible wear 100-Available. Eclipse- very good condition. Only sign of wear is upper spreader from friction. 150-Pending Fanatic has some red stain on white. -looks like 3 colored pencil lines otherwise mint condition. 75-Sold I2k replacing 2 Velcro dots pinhole size hole on white near upper leading edge. Replacing upper leading edge frame. No other issues. 200- Pending Prism 12 Kite case with fanny pack-75 original cases for all. Shipping to continental US Only.
  4. Recently emptied out my garage and found my old kite collection circa 2001-2003. Have a family now and don’t have the time or access to a good flying location. Listing the prism kites. Pictures to follow. Just attempting to gauge interest now. For sale prices on inquiry: 1-illusion 2k- 2001 39 of 66- black white and purple includes spoilers 1- prism ozone rainbow #2611 1- prism fanatic red white blue from 2001 after 9/11 1- prism eclipse grey white green #3210 1 prism prophecy black and purple #756
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