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  1. I traded a Joel Scholtz Condor kite for a ukulele. I was living in Hawaii and the trade winds were too strong for the condor and a guy I knew really wanted it but was low on funds BUT, he had a Kamaka (The oldest name in Ukulele's) to trade. It's a Pineapple shaped body and currently worth $600, I took lessons and I play it often. The kite? I never saw it again.
  2. Hyper Kiter

    Hyper Kiter's collection

    My collection of older kites. My newest is my MEFM!
  3. Cool stack Mike! I haven't seen darts (Besides my own) in years!
  4. It's an "Sky Dart" made by Action Kites in San Diego in the 80's. John Peruse owned the company and had the sewing crew at Hyperkites make the sails. Other Kites from Action Kites included: Fire Dart (Flown by Chicago Fire), Star Dart, Sky Dart, Avenger 2.0, Avenger 8.0
  5. Rob, Wow, I don't hang out for a few months and look what happens! I guess i should explain, I fly dual/single line kites a lot, done everything with all the perks from since 1983. BUT my newest kite is 13 years old! I used to be sponsored by Hyperkites I actually have two sets of Ghost kites that my kids fly. Randy Tom (Owner of Hyperkites) competed in dual line ballet with a set in 87 (I think). Ghost kites were sold in a dry cleaner type bag/hanger and the story of the ghosts, also they were shipped with a sheet of black ripstop tape to create your own ghost. Randy's set was made to look like the original 3 Top of the Line team and he flew to MJ's"Thriller" Launching from a coffin and doing ghostly hovers and stuff (BTW, Randy Tom and Ray Merry were the first to fly chorographed to music in their demo video 1982) Enough with the history lesson, I can help with the bridle, as for selling the set? New they sold for $60
  6. I like reading/seeing the guys I used to fly with! And Kites that I still own......Man I'm old.
  7. It WOULD be cool! Big companies like Prism, GFAK, Into the Wind, could carry/make them with their logo on the sleeve. Kite shops I used to go into had their own t-shirts as well as kite manufactor's shirts. Back in my day, Go Fly A Kite had t-Shirts and sweathirts. (I still have one) TOTL gave out t-shirts when they released the Hawaiian VERY COOL (I wore mine out) Action Kites gave out t-shirts But Hyper Kites went WAY overboard when they started (Or should I say, they did it right) Ray Mary and Randy Tom did what skateboard teams were doing: A van with the logo on the side. Decals ( I have a few still) T shirts (two left never worn) Hooded sweatshirts Wind breakers Ball Caps Visors and...Pins (Before the pin craze started) Sorry for getting off track, back then there were only a few kite makers. And we had to make face time contact to get "Hooked up" with goodies. NOW, with the internet, I think it would be easier to get a T shirt made at Cafepress or another site. also with cad driven vinyl cutters, we could have cool decals! Imagine..... A 12 Stack of Hypers across the back window of my truck!
  8. My best guess is Spectrasport flown by Team High Performance back in the mid 90's. I'll be watching this thread for the correct answer!!!!
  9. In 1990 I was minding my own business flying my kite at Seaport Village in San Diego and a couple (Middle aged) started asking me kiting questions. They told me they were from New Zealand and were traveling the US looking for an attraction for their regional fair. They asked me if I was interested and I said "Sure" (Not thinking I'd EVER hear from them again) I gave them my card (Hyperkites had them back then) and I didn't hear from them till about 4 months later! They asked me if I could come to Nelson New Zealand in November. They wanted to know how much I'd CHARGE!!! Hell, I wrote back saying "Just pay my airfare and hotel" and I sweetened the deal by asking if Randy (Tom) could also go so we could do a proper demo and ballet/pairs routine. Well, mailing turned to calling and we both went! My wife and I turned it into a vacation (I flew in Aukland, Rotorua, Christchurch and I spent Thanksgiving day (Here) with Peter Lynn fling his "New" (Back then) Peel/buggy and touring his fathers woodworking shop, and then a great goose dinner. The fly in Nelson was TOO PERFECT!! The fair commity asked us if we could if we could fly three 20 minute routines a day for two days..... Randy and I laughed and flew near non stop both days in the center of a horse race track. The poeple down there are the best and we were treated like rockstars. We were invited to stay at farms and given homemade treats while flying. I've been around the world a few times in the Navy and flown everywhere I gone, but New Zealand was just to fly.
  10. Sounds Like something I'll need to add to my collection. BTW...Great way to advertise for free!
  11. Usually The flier submits a "Bio" Name Age Home Years Flying Kite Flown Extra info may include: Past Competitions Club Membership Nickname Known for... If you are a Known flier in the area or nation wide then the announcer (If they follow kiting) then will "Fill" time with info he remembers about you. In some smaller places, a team mate, friend, sponsor may feed info to the announcer. A bio sheet is sometimes misplaced somewhere between the registration and sound booth. You are not the only one to suffer the silence from the speakers... it makes your friends outbursts all that much louder!
  12. It's a full size. This kite was sold in the first shipment out of the factory to a kite store in Hawaii. 3/4 size of ANYTHING didn't exsist back then.
  13. Mine's available! Name your price. No Holes! Rare Arrow design!
  14. I remember when the kite made its first showing. Don Tabor and Eric Streed came to Hawaii to show it off at the first Hawaii CHallange. We were all impressed by the power and survivability in afternoon tradewinds 15-20 mph and ability to out fly stacks Hyperkites & Rainbows with available frame material) in early morning light winds. I ordered mine the first day! I think in that one weekend 30 Hawaiians were sold! An interesting side note: The "Wisker" or "Standoff" was invented in Hawaii. Understand; prior to the Hawaiian, kite fliers pulled their turns (Pull left- go left) on the kites of the time. If you "Pulled" a turn with a Hawaiian, it was lazy and took a lot of arm. If you pushed the turn (Push right to go left) the kite snapped turns and in time the kite (Like modern kites) would fold in the turn, so someone came up with attaching an arrow notch to a piece of fiberglass rod and a piece of tubing on the cross strut to hold it taunt. Not only did they solve a major issue but created the added the ability to self launch! I understand this is not the "For Sale" thread but if thr price is right! It's a rare "Arrow" graphic signed on the tag by Don Tabor.
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