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  1. Hi all- I was an avid stunt kite flyer @ 13 years ago. I only have a few kites now, E-3, Addiction and an Into the Wind UL, Prizm Jazz for learning friends that crash!! I fly in Lake City FL, read not much wind... The ultralight is critical, but the Addiction is my all time favorite. The kite is bad ass for the $$. I have owned several over the years. I re bridled one with super thin spectra and it flew like dream, the kite is $100 bucks... geez. Anyone in Lake City, FL? Tough for me to get to the beach a lot with my job. I make my own custom linesets, go to Walmart and get the spectra fishing line. I nomally fly on 50', 65 lb test. Sleeve them if you want, buy 200 lb test dacron and run the needle with spectra thru. It is very tedious work. In the end, I just run everything without sleeves. The fishing line is not that expensive. The bridle is a major source of drag. Buy your favorite kite and re bridle. I'm sacred of the E-3, but I will rebridle her soon. 80 lb test spectra, or a bit higher for heavy wind. Learning the dynamics of a bridle, tow line points, adjustments, that is half the fun. I have a question for ya'll? I had a kite @ 2005, by Premier. It was the Addiction on steroids. Shark sticks, double standoffs between the rear cross bar and Dacron sail. It was about $200 bucks, worth every penny. I learned to fade on this kite and was able to fade other kites. I lost it sailing off the back of my sailboat in Mexico. Is there an equivalent? Premier has nothing like this. It put the E-3 to shame... I am also in need of an UUL (ultra ultra light)? Suggestions? Thanks and Cheers!
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