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  1. Received in perfect condition.......going flying. Thanks!
  2. Sat out on the ice for over an hour waiting for the winds to return. Went from 8mph to 0. glider time!
  3. Was helping pack up the last goodies from the shop relocation and found this buried in a corner. Winds are supposed to be light tomorrow so out on the ice we go.
  4. I have 150 and 200 on order due to arrive later this week. The winds here have been all over the map so will err on the high side. Thanks everyone for the input.
  5. Thanks for the info folks. Had it up for a short fly yesterday in pre storm winds. Got it back down in a hurry. Pulls really hard. Ordered a taper tail for it since all I have for tails are a couple of streamers. Going to dig out the 200lb line as well. 120 seemed a little on the edge. The "retro" colour is not bad if you are wearing sunglasses
  6. I dropped by the local kite/hobby store this morning and was helping the owner unpack from his recent move to a new location. This kite was stuffed into a yellow nylon bag. No tags on it and no flying line. There is a "safety" tag that is marked Premier Kites on the sail. No tail. Colour is not my first choice but I will fly it since the owner was going to trash it. Tapes out at 56" x 36". Thinking that I'll have to fly it on at least 120lb dacron. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers. Ian
  7. Have only been flying kites for couple of months but now I am totally addicted to them. I live in a small village on the Ontario/Quebec boarder and in the winter have the lovely, frozen St Lawrence River as my play ground and in the warmer months I will have a choice of many fields and a sod farm to fly over. I fly single lines right now due to the chilly temps but have a couple of brand new duals waiting for the warmer weather to arrive. Just wanted to say hello! Ian
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