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  1. hi John, I know you don't know me yet but wanted to express to you my thoughts of concern for you and hopefully send ya a little of my strength and peace to help you get by in your time of struggle. very sincerely, elliot51 A.K.A. jim krynak. oberlin ohio.
  2. hi Geo, how is your quest for the power kites going? I might have a couple you may be interested in. they are older kites that have been well loved but still fly very well.
  3. I find that INCONCEIVABLY HARD to be leave!!!!!!
  4. Hi from NE.Ohio, im Elliott 51, first of all thanks for the invite to your site! Now all I have to do is learn how to get around. I've been looking in as a guest and couldn't resist any more. Looking forward to all the great things everyone brings to the table.BEST POT LUCK EVER😉
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