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  1. Ok, so here’s my story- Beginning of the year I did a number on my NTK ballistic 2.2...and I’ve been bummed. Wondering if anybody out there has one that they are willing to part with?
  2. I’ve had some success on eBay, see a 12m on there right now...
  3. Hi! Just an FYI...I see a few (shark, first flyer) on eBay today...good luck!
  4. No, thank you! Received and doing a happy dance!
  5. Hello everyone! While I consider myself a novice, I spent last weekend taking inventory of the 12+ kites that I have that will need parts before the summer. I look forward to learning tons of stuff from you all. Jsducky
  6. Hi- New to the forum, but have been eying your kite....when you say w/o parts? Spars? Fancy bag? thanks-😀
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