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  1. Probably Vietnam? Here are a few links to Vietnamese flute kites (if the links work): https://docplayer.net/41475441-Dieu-sao-some-preliminary-notes-on-the-flute-kites-of-vietnam.html#show_full_text https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m3EmxL7yYg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorZPk7n9o The last video shows them being made. I'd imagine that there's some skill in making them "sing" properly (the note choices are simple length ratios, but getting the opening to split the airstream to create the flute sound properly is probably tricky).
  2. Did anyone download these? Or did anyone find them mirrored/saved on an internet archive? If so, how could we get permission to share them? It would be a shame to lose this very helpful information! And, I should say “thank you” to p.j.f.peters for writing it, curating it, and/or making it available in the first place.
  3. Old thread, but I'm pretty sure that it's the Acrobatx UL, with different specs: Wingspan 37 x 86.5 Frame Dynamic T10 Sail Ventex Polyester + Mylar Weight 7.6 oz Wind 1 ~ 10 mph Style Free style Level Advanced Flying Line 80lb Dyneema, 80' w/straps (although they list flying line, I think it usually doesn't come with line/straps) Ballast 0.2 oz Tail weight 0.6 oz Joe
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