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  1. I am a relatively new pilot, but I have noticed that as I get some more kites and then want to fly in different conditions and spaces, I am maklng and collecting quite a few different line sets of different weights and strengths. I see that Prism has a bag on their web site for organizing lines, but it seem to be out of stock. What other solutions has this community found to what must be a fairly common problem?
  2. Thanks everyone! VERY helpful! First step I'll try will be to cut down an existing set - the 50/30 plan sounds good. Then, with time I think I'll buy some bulk line and try to make them. It helps to be more independent (not many kite shops in my area), and then I can get more customized to my exact needs.
  3. Hi John and everyone, I am from Michigan (Florida near Tampa in the winter). New to flying and this community, but very interested. I am wondering how everyone is getting lines of different lengths. All the commercial lines seem to be 80 feet. Do you cut them shorter? Make from scratch? Find a supplier I don't know about? I think it would help me to have shorter lines at times, especially on a crowded beach, but also when trying to learn recovery launches and possibly other tricks. Any suggestions?
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