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  1. Ft Meyers Beach but I can drive an hour or two to gain experience.
  2. I am learning and trying to choose my wind rather than learning to adapt my rev. Just so I can learn the control well first. I am at that point and looking for additional upgrades. Are these new leaders longer ? I also need a colored line that I can see in the white sand here. Beach walkers need to see it too so they can avoid it. Any thoughts?
  3. Well no chiming in yet. I am however self teaching and learning this quad. I am having fun with it but could use a few pointers to move to next level. Is there any colored line that is good ? The white lines blend in with the white sand and would be better to have a colored line. Any thoughts ?
  4. Dave I know this is a year old post but by now you should know where to fly. I am also in Cape and wanting to fly kites. Where have you found a good spot and are you still flying? If so lets meet up and fly. Greg
  5. I am sure I will find some fellow kiters sooner or later, and thanks for the info mak. I spend my summers in IL so our paths may cross. I am just waiting for it to ship so I can give it a whirl. I left my E3 back in IL and the wind here is much better for kiting. Thanks guys.
  6. I am beachfront at Ft Myers beach FL and excited to kite with this solid wind here. My wife loves to sunbath and I don't so I figure we can both be together doing our own thing. I have been lurking here for a month reading all the great postings about quads hoping to figure out the best purchase. I see some say don't buy for two years but I don't see any locals to learn from and if I destroy a kite I want it to be mine. I messaged JB for input and info on a new Djinn but his current stock is sold out and it will be several weeks wait. I did order a new REV 1.5 Classic yesterday to use as a starter and will buy a new Djinn in the near future if the quads are a success for me. I bought the standard sail since wind speeds will be 5-12 mph with average around 9mph. Hoping this was the right choice for the wind speed here, and I will add more kites to the fleet for wind change down the road. I also bought the 90# x 80' Line with the stainless handle kit to start with. Any input from you experts is always welcome and my choices were made from reading your advice to other new guys on here. Hope to meet some of you guys in the future! Thanks Guys and Gals
  7. New member here in SW FL looking for any close kiters to learn from. I like to fly kites and am always up for meeting and learning all I can. New to Quads and excited to get them up and flying. Give a shout back at me if your in my area.
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