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  1. Hi John, I tried to send you a message on the Kite Forge site but got an error from the site that message failed. I had a failure of the leading edge center spar connecting pin on my Djinn VT. The pin pushed into the spar all the way. I am seeing that the wrap is not as tightly spaced on this end vs my other Djinn kites. I got this last week and have flown it twice in 12-17 mph wind. No hard landings or crashes. When I went to assemble it today I found that the pin was pushed into the spar. How to proceed? Is this something you would replace or do I need to buy a new one? I'd be happy to send you the spar. I'm leaving for the East Coast in 10 days and would like to take this with me so if we can work a plan to get it before I leave, that would be great. If not, I can work around it. Thanks, Mark
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