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  1. Yeah, I probably won't worry about the trailing edges too much. The tear right in the middle against the spar and the end where the spar is partially wearing through the velcro closure makes sense to repair. To be honest I'm kind of surprised to even be in this boat. As a kid I lost every kite I ever had and I didn't expect anything to be much different now. It turns out having a reel that winds in 3ft at a time makes all the difference in the world.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Thanks Paul, that was the kind of specifics I was looking for. I was afraid of that. I'm looking at some cheap handheld sewing machines that might come in handy.
  3. Well that didn't take long... my 16ft delta already wore through where it pushes against the horizontal support. Its only been flown about 6 times. I'm guessing it was the couple times I foolishly flew it in fairly high winds that was enough to bend up my reel. I guess I shouldn't be surprised the kite took some damage. I have a 12ft version of the same that I flew several dozen times and its still in pretty good shape except for some fraying on the trailing edges from extreme flapping I guess. Anyway, I bought some ripstop tape. I read somewhere that Tedlar tape is better but the c
  4. Right on.... I just brought this point up more as a conversation topic than I'm really concerned about getting hassled. Like you said I would be more worried about really causing an accident. It doesn't keep me from flying my kite past 500 ft, but I have moved locations when I noted the prevalence of low flying aircraft nearby. I think they were traffic helicopters that kept scoping out the same area's.. was time to move and find a new spot. I was given the boot when flying from a levee owned by a nearby casino, by the casino who apparently sent a cop my way. It was miles away, no one
  5. Exactly! But in my experience government policy rarely follows common sense. A good example is the last time I got pulled over (years ago) commuting to work. My hot-rod days being long over, I just fell in line with the rest of the cattle traveling a brisk 80-85MPH. It was a steady stream of synchronized traffic.(thank God, its not usually that way). so perfectly safe. BUT it was that time of the month and officer Joe had his quota to fill and just randomly picked me out and pulled me over. So I asked how he singled me out and he just says it doesn't matter because I was speeding and it
  6. That's pretty interesting. Was that for some kind of kite event? Seems like lots of other flyers in your video.(looked like a sweet day for it) Being that close I would have presumed they would have erred on the safe side and flatly refused permission so I wouldn't have even bothered to ask. Actually, jaded me would presume that in just about all instances of even being within the 5 miles. So that's a surprise. Then there is the issue of even asking for permission. I once tried to contact our ATC just to pick their noggin and get their perspective just to see if it was in line with
  7. That was my point.. you have to drive for miles outside of a city if you want to conform to this law. In my state there are plenty of little regional airports spread about too making even that difficult. Who is going to make a day trip just to fly a kite? I have a school with a double sized field right across the street from me, I won't go any farther than that. Other people fly kites there too (obliviously I'm sure). Did you actually check a map and measure though? That 5 mile radius is significant. This is my point, everywhere you thought it was okay probably isn't according to
  8. Permission? I doubt even .01 percent of kite fliers bother with that, if anybody at all. I sure don't, do you? But yeah, avoiding a flight corridor is just common sense, just like ignoring an idiotic draconian rule that is tantamount to saying "Let's just say you can't do this anywhere! That solves OUR problem." That London issue, who ever they were was purposely trying to cause a drone/aircraft collision and they were doing it for months. I think that's beyond the definition of irresponsible.
  9. An FAA rule says you can't fly a kite 5 miles from an airport boundary. Well, its almost impossible to find a spot of land that isn't within 5 miles of an airport. This is certainly the case in all major cities. Just for shits I hopped on kitemap.org.. you know, the repository for "best" places to fly and they listed three locations in my city and 2 were within half that 5 mile limit and the 3rd would still not comply if you took literally the FAA's definition of this going right up the edge of the airports property as the starting point to start measuring. (in other words... was exactly
  10. My first kite was a red/white and blue diamond that came with a Hi-Flyer winder.. was a really cool winder for its day 50 years ago. A favorite that stands out was a white delta with big eyes on it. Then there was time I put a thread on the legs of a cicada named Max...
  11. Thanks.. yep, that's exactly the one I was talking about that I bent all to hell. The axle bolt is only .25 inch.. way too weak to take the leveraging forces that the rest of the unit can generate. Even my 12ft kite can bend the bolt if using the handles in high winds, which is primarily what gives the damaging sideways torque that does the damage. The trick is not use the handles, but just grab the outer edge to wind it in as then the forces are exactly perpendicular to the axle bolt. This is what I do now if my kites are generating bolt bending forces. Its obviously way more of an issue
  12. Thanks for all the help. Both these delta's from Into the Wind do it.. but not too often. Both have single bridle points. (12 and 16ft) Its mostly an issue while reeling it in, so now I'm cognizant to not cause it to climb too much while doing so. But sometimes they do it all by themselves. A few times they did it while even being several hundred feet out. Its very strange looking straight up at your kite, especially when its still pulling fiercely. So far I have had 100% recovery from this condition as long as it was higher than a few meters. Its those last few during grou
  13. Well, I just couldn’t get this idea out of my head. I have been happy with the 3000 ft that my current reel holds, but now reached limitations on leverage and structural integrity which is still prompting me to look for alternatives. Emma kites largest reel made dealing with a 12ft kite on windy days manageable so I tried a 16 ft delta and wound up bending the axle bolt all to hell. I straightened it back out on a vice after taking it apart, but it clearly has limits. I think I found the perfect platform: a kids bike frame! Cut it down to about 3-3.5 ft, put crossbars at the t
  14. Wow.. thanks JoeDef.. yep, that's exactly what I was talking about. The video's you found are much better than the one I was talking about. Yeah, that last one showing them making it is perfect! It might be cool to play around with what different materials generate sound-wise. To save on weight I'm thinking of just rolling my own paper tubes and shellac them for rigidity, if they still give good sound reverb. I'm picturing a single tube clipped to the top and leading edge of a delta so that the ends of the tube extend past the edge of the kite frame for wind current exposure, but
  15. Thanks for the replies. I flew twice this weekend and it happened on both days again.. the first day was really strong winded, second day not so much. But both times I have been able to prevent any issues just by letting the line slacken and the kite always seems to self-right itself. I don't have multiple bridle points to try.
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