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  1. Lightning can strike well away from actual rainfall. As much as 10 miles away. If you are feeling static buildup, packup. http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/lightning/resources/lightning-safety.pdf
  2. I haven't been following the 'Karma' threads since I am not in the US and I only visit the forum a couple of times a week (not just this one, all the forums that i follow). If a Canadian thread is maintained and active, I will follow it and possibly contribute.
  3. I would start by creating more angle between you and the kite! If you are straight away from the kite, try moving to one side to create that angle! Also the rear towpoint seems to be "quicker", the turns happen faster than some delta type gliders that respond to "pulling"!! Since I use a wand for all my gliders, the touch and feel are most likely different for me! That touch is hard to explain, I just "feel" the kite flowing and turn it without much thought! Ever fly fish?? The feel is very similar to that! I let the kite take line as it moves away and mend line in as it closes the distance! Constant give and take!! Thanks Wayne. a couple of good suggestions I am going to try.
  4. Is there anyone on this forum who has flown the MegaPlutz indoors? I have one and am having difficulty getting it to turn when I want it to. It glides beautifully in a straight line and climbs fast. I just haven't figured out how to initiate a turn, Launching from the floor is also more of a problem than my 61/49. Any help and/or link to videos showing the motions i need to learn would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hmmm. Drawing for three kites i would love. "will be drawn on April 1st, 2013!" Do I dare get my hopes up?
  6. You can deliver it to me in Dieppe! No shipping! How's that for incentive, RNG?
  7. Haven't spoken up in a while but, I NEED a mid-vent RNG! I have been a good boy. I haven't taken your name in vain (like some others here). My turn!
  8. Phew! Saved me from learning to fly dualies!
  9. Thanks, Pete. The winds weren't that heavy that day but that bag did move. Gary just hopped on for the short ride when it was apparent it was going to stop..
  10. It doesn't take too much kite to generate a lot of pull. Sleds, bulldogs, Suttons, bols, crowns all can get out of control with a good gust. Pictures from Dieppe 2009. Sand bags placed on the field for anchors. Kite anchored to sand bag. Gary Mark sitting on the sand bag after it had been dragged 20 feet.
  11. I've tried bribery but I don't think that RNG understands money. I would offer $50. RNG would say, "87." Then I would offer $60 and RNG would say, "22." I would say, "$22?" and RNG would say, "302." Actually, RNG has never said 302 but I live in hope.
  12. We need to encourage the spread of Canadian colours (that is the correct spelling for a Canadian kite) south of the border. If my number comes up, #302, Gregg gets it.
  13. Since the topic of random number generator has come up....
  14. The Subject Header was giving me flashbacks!
  15. quincy

    your handle

    Mine comes from the old TV show since I am a Forensic Scientist (but I don't cut up bodies). A couple of waitresses at a bar where I used to play trivia called me Quincy after a particularly good run of winning contests and the name stuck.
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