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  1. I can't speak specifically to the VTD Polo, but I think I understand what you're speaking to. Do you fly with a lot of brake? I've recently been using the same heavy brake tuning indoors and am really liking it. The kite seems to have more 'presence', can climb halfway to the ceiling in an inverted launch, and does 360s in reverse easier than forward. Overall it seems more responsive and controllable.
  2. When I was communicating with Ocean Shores Kites they recommend 150lb for the 26 foot octopus and said they usually flew theirs at 75-100'. I also ended up with a 500' spool of line, but only put half of it on a hoop winder. The kite is for my wife's amusement, but I'll end up being the one who has to pack it up and I didn't want to have to deal with but so much line 不.
  3. I've seen where OSK had added heat shrink tubing to the middle of the bungee and thought it a good idea. None of my quads have that and the bungee always fails in the middle. I've been able to find bungee locally and keep a couple of yards of it in my repair kit. For a frequently flow (or in my case, abused) kite, bungee becomes a consumable item. **this topic of bungee is not specific to quad kiting, but you're right, you may get more response if it were posted there. **
  4. Fraying on the bungee cord is common. I'm accustom to it occurring where the cord enters/exits the end cap. When you have your vertical rods installed, is there any tension on the bungee cord?
  5. 10', not 12'... I'm always overestimating my length 五
  6. Actually yesterday, but I pulled out the 12' Banhee Kites Scimitar with an 80' tube tail. There's a night fly on Jockey's Ridge, NC this Saturday and I was looking for something that I could illuminate. I was working with 5-7mph wind, and am definately going to need more than that once lights and power pack are installed. It was a good time nonetheless... I'd forgotten what all that kite can do in a lighter wind with a little finesse.
  7. I've used PowerPro Super 8 Slick 50# with good result. It's a small diameter, 8 strand, coated, braided line. Mind you, these have been for 13'-40' max line sets and generally in less than 7 mph winds. But at $35 for 300 yards, it's enabled me to experiment with a variety of line lengths and not feel too bad when I get lazy and drag them across concrete/asphalt. This purchase was made over 3 years ago and I just used the last of it within the past month for a 25' line set.
  8. @Exult I started following this post in hopes to assist (since I was in the same spot as @matthew_birkett just a couple of years ago). I'm continuing to follow in order to soak up all this great information you are dispensing. Thank you for all your contributions.
  9. It's the difference between completing a maneuver and controlling the maneuver. You start recognizing surge and oversteer, and playing with the tuning on your handles to eliminate it. I think @John Barresicalls it "flying with intent".
  10. Storms were forecast and here's John making it rain . Congrats to the winners!
  11. @Exult has a lot of good info. Something I've been working on is speed. Those movements you can blast through in a successive blur, can you do them in a slow deliberate manner? Can you stop at any point in the wind window at any attitude and hold it for a beat or four? To me it seems 'doing nothing effectively' can be the hardest skill to refine. I think @Paul LaMasters first made me consider its importance in a post about 'holding your hover'.
  12. Looks like it should be fully flight tested in time for the Wright Kite Festival . See you there
  13. My daughter picked up some bungee cord from a local craft store. The diameter was a little larger than I needed, but it fit through the holes and kept tension on the sail once installed. A lot of the materials in a kite were originally produced for something else (i.e. arrow nocks), so there's no reason to limit yourself on where to acquire spares. It's not like you're voiding the warranty .
  14. Is there an opening in the sleeve that would allow you to remove that rod? Others probably have better techniques on how to fix the hole, but an end cap on that rod would go a long way in preventing it recurring (or developing in the first place).
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