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  1. I realize advertising this will lessen my chances of winning, but it's too good not to share. "Enter to win a weeklong adventure vacation on the Outer Banks, complete with surfing, hang gliding, or kiteboarding lessons from Kitty Hawk Kites." Outer Banks Getaway If one of you should happen to win, could I crash on the sofa for the weekend? 😁 Official-Contest-Rules-Kitty-Hawk-Kites1.pdf
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  3. Looks like summer has arrived in Eastern North Carolina. Temps were in the low 90s and the winds were light and variable. Took a leading edge end cap failure to finally make me pack it in. I guess a trip to my local kite shop is in my future. It's only a 150 mile round trip, but who doesn't like a trip to the beach! But to summarize: Revolution I kite, original (probably heavy) frame, handles modified with TK Pro Leaders, all four lines of equal length. Even using the outermost knot on the leaders, my fear was that I was going to be too short on the top lines . Turns out I had to attach the top lines to the innermost leader knot in order to get any forward drive from the kite. Thankfully my package from JB arrived today so I can start playing around with a quad that was produced this millenia. It should have a light enough frame to help me out in these fickle inland winds.
  4. The color scheme for the vented would compliment my Fire Dart, but I'm an inland kite flier now. Message me about how I might complete the sale. Thanks -Michael
  5. @Paul LaMasters, your comment about "kites are about enjoyment" rings even truer for me today than when I was last actively flying. This would have been when stunt kites became sport kites and Myrtle Beach's Summer Games became a stop on the East Coast Stunt Kite Championship circuit. Always at the back of my mind was the phrase David Letterman used when introducing his Stupid Pet Tricks segments, "This is an exhibition not a competition, please no wagering". My starting to take it all too seriously led (in part) to that kite spending a quarter century in its sleeve. Taking it out on a lonely stretch of beach a few weeks ago reminded me of what I found so compelling about stunt kiting to begin with. Beyond actually flying, I missed the community.
  6. The photo is of Eamon McElwee, production head of Larkshead Media Ireland. I, for one, will rest easier tonight having that question now answered.
  7. So it wasn't named for the guy in the picture? [emoji6] Sorry, I probably found the fact that a person's head shot appeared it the top level results for that particular search a little funnier than necessary. It is Friday, right? Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  8. I did a search for the proper way to spell "Lark's Head" and this was under the image results ... On a lark, I thought I'd share. -Michael
  9. @Wayne Dowler, @Edmond Dragut, and @Paul LaMasters, thank you all for the informative replies. Some of the information provided is beyond my current skill level to apply immediately. Some will serve as aspirational. [Although, at 55 years of age, I don't know how realistic jumping through my own fly lines will be (never say never though, right).] I'll get some time on the handles this weekend and report back on what worked. Thanks Again -Michael
  10. The original fly lines were unequal with the top lines being longer. The handles had rings to attach the fly lines. When flying with the unmodified handles and lines I was never able to achieve reverse flight. I believe modifying the handles with leaders has not only allowed me to compensate for the equaling out the lines but I'm also now able to tune for more brake (a concept I recently acquired from this site). The only part I overlooked was how to attach the fly lines to the bridle once all the clips had been removed. The original bridle terminates in loops not knots. I had to improvise yesterday by putting knots in the loop of the top bridle attachment points. There wasn't enough of a loop at the bottom, so I just attached it at the junction of the bridle legs. That decision definitely altered the way it flew 😏. But, it was stable enough that I could grab my first ever pictures of that kite (one handed on 40 foot lines)!
  11. I thank you for the French bridle recommendation. If already replacing a bridle so I have attachment points, I would do well to also try to enhance the flight characteristics. I'm not far from the coast, but where I live I will regularly face lighter wind situations. It's encouraging that a frame change will help in that respect. I thank you for your suggestions and will keep you in mind if I ever consider parting with this kite.
  12. I have an original Revolution I purchased in '91 that has seen very little time in the air. I have performed the handle mod and installed TK's Pro Leaders to aid with tuning. The fly lines are now equal length. The clips have been removed from both the lines and the bridle. Short of replacing the bridle, what should I do for attachment points, add pigtails? Would it be worth the money to change out the leading edge for something lighter? Or, should I appreciate it for what it is and save up for a more modern quad when this one ceases to challenge?
  13. First time out with the Pro Leaders worked out well. I wasn't thinking when I removed the clips from the bridle without replacing them with something to attach my fly lines (and leaving my box of this and that at home). Nothing like creating unnecessary challenges for yourself 🙄
  14. Welcome @The_Flying_Potato. I'm getting back into flying after a multi-decade hiatus as well. It looks like we both started around the same time. I've visited England twice, the last time would have been about 80 miles to your south at a resort outside Oakham. The first time was courtesy of the USAF where I spent 3 weeks at RAF Bentwaters. During our down time a group of us headed to Felixstowe. That was a definitely a different take on a "trip to the beach". Where was the sand? I flew my kite but just about rolled by ankle walking on those layers of round rocks. -Michael
  15. Congratulations, Neil. You should consider an unboxing video so the rest of us can share in the experience vicariously. I've worked in a kite store and remember how much fun it could be. Again, congrats -Michael
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