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  1. It's been a few months, could you give us an update on your journey (or anyone else chime in on theirs)? I'm currently sitting in the house; day 8 of a heat advisory, next two days under an excessive heat warning. I can't use the excuse that it's too hot to work in the yard and then pack up and my kites and head to my favorite flying field. That would set a bad precedent with my wife (who has, to this point, been supportive of my rekindled obsession with kiting). But, I could get away with short sessions in the backyard. I'm starting with one of JB's former Pro-B full sails, so it already has his reinforcements applied. It has the black race frame and I jumped on his offer to purchase a spare rod. Original Rev1 handles with TK Pro leaders-check 50# line and sleeving-check 3" Sail tape-check 2" Dacron tape-check Harbor Freight "Self-Bonding Super Tape" - check (I've already successfully used this to replace an end cap on my Scimitar). In a 10-15 mph wind I was comfortable flying my Rev1 on 40' lines in a 70' wide window (mimosa tree on the left, oak on the right) at the in-laws house. Here at home I'm going to have obstructed wind if I have any at all. In the area of the back yard that I'm hoping to fly in I'll have a 40' window and (minus line length) 65' of ground behind me. There's an 8' privacy fence on one side, 4' fence on the other. Crepe Myrtle trees and and a 10'x10' storage building complete the stage. Recommendations? 😁
  2. I'm in! Oh wait, that's not how this one works 🤔. I'm still glad to know I'm automatically entered in these drawings. For me just the anticipation of winning has been worth the yearly subscription. Last month was my first drawing... I'll try to be more patient this time around 😂
  3. Speaking as one of the new sponges in the room here to soak up all your wisdom, I'm very grateful for the advice given. Not all has been applicable to my circumstances. Some has been a little over my head. Other bits of information I've decided were better tucked into my back pocket for when I'm ready to use them. All of it seems to have been offered from people genuinely wanting to assist me on my journey to "the dark side". I stopped flying years ago when I began to take it too seriously and it ceased to be fun. It's fun again... well at least for me it is. My wife is starting to wonder if she needs my pre-approval before making vacation plans so I can verify there's a flyable field nearby. I'm happy to say both her parents' houses qualify 😏. Having this community to share this journey with me makes it all the better. From a newbies perspective: 1. Going from a Rev1 with unequal factory lines and hog rings on the handles to equal lines and TK Pro Leaders the kite will fly with no further modifications to the bridle. Stop checking on new answers to your post! Go out to your nearest field and try it for yourself (he finally says to himself). 2. Yes, the short lines weigh less and should give you an advantage in low wind conditions. But, you're new and still have a tendency to over control a lightly loaded sail. That extra altitude could give you room to recover? 3. The two-wrap rods are already worth the investment. Three times started out flying with them and three times the wind picked up and made them unnecessary. Upon retirement I might just travel the Eastern Seaboard toting those rods and leaving happy kite fliers along the way. 4. Fly with a smile in your heart. The kite knows and will respond accordingly!
  4. Nice composition! Is this album open for anyone else to post pictures from the event?
  5. Made the trip to the end of North Carolina Hwy 12 and stopped by Flying Smiles in Corolla. Elliot Shook had a full Rev1 SUL frame available. I'm on vacation this week staying with the in-laws who live right on the Albemarle Sound. Made the frame swap last night and was up with the sun this morning. I wasn't in the air 15 minutes when the winds picked up to a consistent 15-17 mph. Popped the standard frame back in and flew 40' lines for 3 hours. The only problem with this kite was the guy on the lines has been over-thinking everything and needed more time on the lines. It got to the point where a good 50% of what the kite was doing was intentional 😁
  6. Congratulations @flyalto (Subscriber 1570, better luck next time 😁).
  7. I got a really pretty bird shaped kite for free. It was a return and I was told if I could get it to fly I could have it. All I had to do was flip the bridle over... my (3 yo at the time) daughter loved that kite.
  8. I started out spoiled... living at the beach (courtesy of the USAF), working part time at a kite store, and getting a nice employee discount on my kite purchases. There was this weird closed loop when it came to my paycheck 🤔
  9. Not everyone has a bag full of kites for any given situation or the sewing skills to make their own 😉. Just this past weekend as I was measuring out a set of 50# 120' fly lines I thought how cool it would be to take a break from sleeving and fly a kite in the backyard.
  10. Welcome @Zuul. I wasn't at the first Kite Party, but if it's in its 17th year, then I have kites that are a decade older. I just recently got back into flying regularly and now actually own a kite that was made this millennium. Nice Mamba; that is a truly timeless kite.
  11. I appreciate all the suggestions and encouragement. I haven't invested in new rods yet, but there were some small adjustments that made a big difference. Tensioning the sail by tightening the bungee cord at the bottom end caps made the biggest difference. I also changed how the bridle exited one of the upper end caps. Not certain that it had an affect (might have changed how it turned one direction vs. the other), but it made me feel better having them more symmetrical. Biggest thing I learned was to have a large amount of respect for those who learned flying in these fickle inland winds. There's no room for ham fisting your way through a maneuver in a light wind. Keep the sail tensioned and be precise in your control. At this point I could also benefit from some longer 50# lines. Altitude is definitely going to be my friend. Thanks again for the information and encouragement -Michael
  12. Happy Father's Day! Now off to the quad line tuning videos..
  13. I'm sorry the site closed on you without any forewarning. As I said, they had already closed registration by April. But, even as an outsider, I couldn't help but feel something valuable was coming to an end.
  14. These sites take time, effort and money to maintain. That's why when my daughters asked me what I wanted for Father's Day, I told them a subscription to this site. GWTW had already suspended registrations when I stumbled upon it back in April. I'm so thankful for this welcoming community.
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