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  1. https://esste.com These guys are on your side of the Atlantic and are currently having a sale (to include free worldwide shipping). They have previously had an association with Revolution providing printed art sails. I've always shied away from pretty kites out of fear that it might affect the way I fly them, but I do like looking at them 😉.
  2. That worked out well for me when John Barresi was thinning out his collection. I was able to get a kite with a custom bridle, vertical rod wear strips, leading edge reinforcement tabs, and properly tuned right out of the box. I'd love to let @Marty1959give it a try, but I don't think my wife has any current plans that have us in Scotland... and I know she wouldn't let me make that trip alone!
  3. Revolution as in brand or Revolution as in the numerous examples derived from the Hadzicki wing? 30 years ago when I was gifted my first Revolution, they were the only game in town. If possible, go to the local kite store, or kite meet up, or festival; and sample what's available. Then decide which one is best for you. I predominately fly alone and for my own personal amusement. So, I still find myself frequently flying that 30 year old Revolution.
  4. You definitely have some solid choices. For some reason my eye keeps wandering to the black with red stripes. It makes a very bold statement.
  5. Judging from some of your past kite creations, you'll come up with something truly creative. We're all patiently waiting to see what that is... no pressure 😉.
  6. If you were an East Carolina Pirate fan, I had designed a custom sail with a certain amount of Aaarrrgghhh to it 😉
  7. Congratulations. Look forward to seeing it some Sunday at Fort Macon.
  8. My silence was not to imply you're crazy. I'm more visually oriented, and for the life of me I could not 'picture' what you were describing 😁. My early (30+ years ago) dual line sets had twisted, rather than braided, fibers. Those type of lines could lengthen if you were too aggressive when removing twists in the line. I'm working on the assumption that your lines are braided and this scenario would not apply.
  9. Defying the odds, @DTill is victorious in the coin toss. It was a gutsy move calling 'sides'!
  10. I've used 50# PowerPro Super 8 Slick for 13' to 120' line sets. At $30 for 300 yards, it was a cheap way to try different line lengths. At 50#, I've only used them in light wind situations.
  11. Only 24 hours left in this hotly contested race. @DTill, at this point I don't think it would be presumptuous to go ahead and PM me your shipping address 😂.
  12. Four days to go and here is the list for RNG: 1. @DTill The kite is already boxed and will ship as soon as I have the address of the lucky winner. My local Post Office closes at noon on Saturdays, so I will conduct the drawing by 10 AM local time in the hope of getting the kite shipped the same day. Good luck to the entrants 😁.
  13. One Sky, One World 2019

    Wind was challenging, but the 10' Banshee Scimitar got to show its tail..



  14. Welcome, always great to see fellow North Carolinians on the site. I noticed that you listed the Rev-B as your favorite kite. You'll find a supportive group here when it comes to quad line kiting.
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