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  1. USPS just dropped off one of those triangular boxes that originated at The Kite Shoppe. I have it on good authority that it is a 3Winds SUL. I'll have to wait until tomorrow for pictures because, alas, today is not my birthday 😏.
  2. I added lower bungee covers to the B Pro you sold me. Additionally there's leading edge t-connectors, aluminum end caps, and the upper bungee knots are tied off in the pocket formed between the dual layer of fabric at the top of the sail. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, you should be blushing 🤭.
  3. The Fulcrum can definitely provide a unique change of pace. It is currently one of the three kites I keep partially broken down in my truck with lines attached. I'm getting pretty consistent launching to rising fade and some things I don't have the vocabulary (or the background in freestyle tricks) to be able to describe.
  4. If you ever find yourself inland near Greenville... East Carolina University has an outdoor student recreation area that is perfect. Eight multipurpose fields with beautifully maintained turf grass, two man-made lakes with fountains (one with a sand beach), a clubhouse with a lanai and picnic tables large enough to work on your kites, easy access to water and restrooms. If it weren't within the flight pattern of the local airport, it would be a perfect place to host a kite festival 🤔.
  5. If you are anywhere near Corolla then you are in good shape. Flying Smiles Kites knows a little bit about quad line kites and I think they may have built one or two 😉
  6. I always erred on the side of stronger line. Mine was a 9-stack (standard 6 with a neon colors 3-pack add-on) that could generate a fair amount of pull. In addition to the stronger fly lines, I also upgraded the link lines by removing the metal clips, putting pigtails on the frame, and using larksheaded knots to attach the link line. The bridle was replaced with Rainbow's "Flying frame" (?). It's three hollow spars configured in a triangle with vinyl tubing connecting the ends together. A heavyweight bridle was connected to the front side and link lines on the back. This effectively removed a
  7. I'm on the east coast, so it's a little far for me to meet up. But, it looks like people do fly kites on Whidbey Island 😉. Maybe make contact with the local club and see if there will be someone out flying who can give you a taste of quad line flying?
  8. And just like that I realize I am still doing it wrong 😂. Your explanation makes complete sense, thank you. As a bonus, I find a figure eight knot is easier for me to place where I want it than a figure eight loop.
  9. Welcome to the group. You sound like you're where I was a little over a year ago. I usually took a couple of dual lines with me on vacation. Last year I took an original Revolution that had spent most of its time in the sleeve with me instead. Five quad line kites later I think it's safe to say I'm hooked. The support of this group has aided me greatly on my journey. Things I would recommend at the outset is have handles with the long leaders (like the ones available on this site), have a kite that is designed for the wind you'll most frequently be flying (for me that would be light and
  10. Thank you for sharing those pictures. Brett Marchel was the first I ever read describe those "pick knots" in a manner I could visualize. I really struggled with leader adjustments on 50# line before using them. My first attempt failed when I used overhand knots and the top line knots pulled free. I ended up getting a tiny latch hook to help tie the figure eight knot.
  11. It might factor into how large a stack you could fly 🤔
  12. Don't feel bad. A little over a year ago I showed up with a 30yo original Revolution and a bunch of questions. The original handles didn't have any leaders for adjustment and I was having trouble with reverse flight. So, I ordered a set of the TK Pro Leaders from this site and finally had the ability to properly tune that old kite.
  13. Decided to jump in on this thread since I haven't seen a lot of discussion on the Fulcrum... Second time out on 30' lines (I'm too lazy to use anything else on these hot days 😁) I started to get the hang of launching the Fulcrum from its back (standard leading edge up attitude, allow the kite to lie on its back and rock back until the trailing edge lifts a little, then apply gentle pressure on the lines as it rises). What I've yet to figure out is what's the exit maneuver? I've tried a couple of things that got the front of the sail facing back to me, but none of them seemed particularly
  14. I saw a B-series (maybe a Pro?) in the same 'bargain bin' that the Black Race frames were in at Kites Unlimited. It was a full sail with the same color and pattern as my B-Pro, white with red and black stripes. Might be worth a call... I believe they ship?
  15. I was successful in my search! Kites Unlimited (Atlantic Beach, NC) had a few. I bought what I needed plus a spare, but there was still a complete frame, a center leading edge, and a few more unferruled rods left over. There was even a full sail B-series and a Fulcrum in their bargain bin 😳.
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