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  1. I saw a B-series (maybe a Pro?) in the same 'bargain bin' that the Black Race frames were in at Kites Unlimited. It was a full sail with the same color and pattern as my B-Pro, white with red and black stripes. Might be worth a call... I believe they ship?
  2. I was successful in my search! Kites Unlimited (Atlantic Beach, NC) had a few. I bought what I needed plus a spare, but there was still a complete frame, a center leading edge, and a few more unferruled rods left over. There was even a full sail B-series and a Fulcrum in their bargain bin 😳.
  3. Thanks, I also found some Photoshop tutorials. I should be good now.
  4. I have access to Photoshop via Adobe Creative Cloud through the university and have played around with extracting individual video frames in Photoshop in order to edit and save them.
  5. If I send you the video clip, can you document the moment I broke the leading edge in my B-Pro? I'd make that the background image on my cell phone to use as a reminder 😫.
  6. No, not nearly as nice. This is a field adjacent to the local high school. The marching band uses a portion of it for practice. With all the recent rain; weeds, clover, and fireant mounds are trying to take over. East Carolina's intramural athletic athletic fields drain a lot better.
  7. Cot51stState


    My kite album
  8. Do you still have that Jam Session? I am very interested in purchasing it from you if you do.

    Please message me back and let me know. Thank you.

    Kite Girl

  9. I have enough left to rebuild the leading edge. I'm not going to put them in a kite again while I'm flying over asphalt or around immovable objects. With the B-Pro being out of commission, it has forced me to learn to fly the MV Djinn in lower winds. Lemonade!
  10. No, but that may be due to the either the hours on the sail or the fact that it could use new bungie cord all around. It's down at the moment until I can replace a couple leading edge spars. You wouldn't happen to have a couple of Black Race rods just lying around 😂.
  11. I ordered extra t-connectors and end caps when I ordered my Djinn and installed them on my B-Pro. The sail already had leading edge tabs and wear strips so I just had to cover the remaining bungie cord to complete the effect. Looks like you were braver than I when it came to cutting the slits in the back of the leading edge. I placed a dowel in there to insure I wasn't cutting through to the front.
  12. So, how does one conduct this type of handle strength testing? Would it be too personal to ask for details? 🤷‍♂️ (In all seriousness, I always appreciate your contributions)
  13. Do tell 😉. Just kidding... I'm glad you found a place to fly. Now, as an encore, some action shots with the custom Djinn? "We, however, had a more private place to fly our kites, away from the crowds, with lots of room for kites."
  14. Around here they pair purple with "hi-liter" yellow. You see it everywhere 😂
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