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  1. Great prize! Although 90# is heavier than I've become accustomed to flying on, at 120 feet I could make 8 of my 13 foot line sets out of this. #FunAt4Meters (No, I would not really do that to this set of team lines.)
  2. https://www.kittyhawk.com/event/wright-kite-festival/
  3. Wow, the Sky Spy brings back memories. A nearby convenience store carried them and, amongst my friends, someone came up with the idea of trying to 'fight' with them. I remember placing duct tape along the leading edge of the keel so I could place multiple attach points to vary the angle of attack. Thank you for sharing that link. I haven't thought of Gayla kites in years.
  4. Thank you for the information. My standoffs match those dimensions exactly 🤔 It has to be fun to be able to pick the brains of the builder in person. I first spoke with Jon over the phone when I was needing to replace a Fulcrum standard frame outer rod and decided to also get a full replacement set of standoffs. It was then that he mentioned shortening the back standoffs in order to take some stress off the outer rod. He also mentioned a new Fulcrum release in a smaller form factor. Since then I've seen (possibly Carl Robertshaw's Instagram?) a reference to a ".85" Fulcrum. Any mention of a new release?
  5. Just the look of that kite was enough to spark an interest. After seeing video of it in the hands of either of the Robertshaws, I pulled the trigger on buying the one that had been sitting a few years in my 'local' kite store. I imagine yours is the newest iteration... would you mind posting the length of your standoffs? It was my understanding that they may have been shortened since mine was made. May you have fair weather and an enjoyable maiden flight. The Fulcrum always seems to put a smile on my face each time I pull it out.
  6. You can also add a little footwork to the inverted side slide. If you were to walk parallel to the kite and in the same direction of the slide, that keeps the kite closer to the center of the wind window and a consistent amount of pressure in the sail. Once while flying, a song came up in my playlist and the lyrics asked, "How long, how long will I slide?" Using the technique described above I easily traversed the width of a soccer field 😁
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  8. I would submit that a Fulcrum would be difficult to bowtie as well 😉
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