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  1. 10', not 12'... I'm always overestimating my length 五
  2. Actually yesterday, but I pulled out the 12' Banhee Kites Scimitar with an 80' tube tail. There's a night fly on Jockey's Ridge, NC this Saturday and I was looking for something that I could illuminate. I was working with 5-7mph wind, and am definately going to need more than that once lights and power pack are installed. It was a good time nonetheless... I'd forgotten what all that kite can do in a lighter wind with a little finesse.
  3. I've used PowerPro Super 8 Slick 50# with good result. It's a small diameter, 8 strand, coated, braided line. Mind you, these have been for 13'-40' max line sets and generally in less than 7 mph winds. But at $35 for 300 yards, it's enabled me to experiment with a variety of line lengths and not feel too bad when I get lazy and drag them across concrete/asphalt. This purchase was made over 3 years ago and I just used the last of it within the past month for a 25' line set.
  4. @Exult I started following this post in hopes to assist (since I was in the same spot as @matthew_birkett just a couple of years ago). I'm continuing to follow in order to soak up all this great information you are dispensing. Thank you for all your contributions.
  5. It's the difference between completing a maneuver and controlling the maneuver. You start recognizing surge and oversteer, and playing with the tuning on your handles to eliminate it. I think @John Barresicalls it "flying with intent".
  6. Storms were forecast and here's John making it rain . Congrats to the winners!
  7. @Exult has a lot of good info. Something I've been working on is speed. Those movements you can blast through in a successive blur, can you do them in a slow deliberate manner? Can you stop at any point in the wind window at any attitude and hold it for a beat or four? To me it seems 'doing nothing effectively' can be the hardest skill to refine. I think @Paul LaMasters first made me consider its importance in a post about 'holding your hover'.
  8. Looks like it should be fully flight tested in time for the Wright Kite Festival . See you there
  9. My daughter picked up some bungee cord from a local craft store. The diameter was a little larger than I needed, but it fit through the holes and kept tension on the sail once installed. A lot of the materials in a kite were originally produced for something else (i.e. arrow nocks), so there's no reason to limit yourself on where to acquire spares. It's not like you're voiding the warranty .
  10. Is there an opening in the sleeve that would allow you to remove that rod? Others probably have better techniques on how to fix the hole, but an end cap on that rod would go a long way in preventing it recurring (or developing in the first place).
  11. I really appreciate the offer. Unfortunately family life will not allow me to attend Rogallo... hopefully I can make a day at the Wright Kite Festival.
  12. It took a while to acquire the kites from Yves. Not due to any delay on his end, but because I though my daughter was going to arrange for them to be made as a gift for me. She thought I was to arrange for them to be made and then she was going to wrap them 仄. A year, a Christmas, and a birthday later I have finally received them both . I was actually reading through a @riffclown@riffclown thread (the one when he was working on stack catch/throws) when I was thinking about link line length. The line set I was flying on was around 40 feet, so I probably should give it a shot in a more open field with longer lines and see how they perform.
  13. I finally got to see the Yves Ganne Revs 189 and 190 in the air at the same time. Linking them seemed the best option since I don't know of any other fliers in the area and I'm not ready to attempt flying two quads at the same time 不. It's my first attempt at linking quads and, for the most part, the trailing kite tracked rather nicely. Reverse flight was rather elusive, though. I'm not experienced enough to know if that's just the nature of linked quads, the light and variable winds weren't sufficient, or possibly my link lines are too short? 仄
  14. Cot51stState


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  15. That was my first reaction as well. But, considering the source, I thought it highly unlikely that this was a joke. Thanks again to @Yoyoing_p for paying it forward.
  16. There are KiteLife subscriptions available. The money goes to support the site/site content. The giveaways are but one benefit of being a subscriber .
  17. I stumbled across that familiar plastic tube in a toy store at an outlet mall in Myrtle Beach, SC around '87-88. Went in the store shopping for my 2yo daughter and ended up buying them on impulse not having any idea what a stunt kite was. Rick Kligman discovered me set up on the beach near his store and gave me the back story on the kite and why the company was no longer in business. The fact that I was using a six pack of Rainbows to learn how to fly must have left an impression since he gave me a part time job flying for the shop. I give the credit to Steve Edeiken though, because those kites came with incredibly detailed directions and I studied them religiously.
  18. Once I win, can you wait until Wednesday to ship? I'll be on vacation next week and, with my luck, porch pirates would get it
  19. I wouldn't catagorize much of what I do while flying as "normal". You're new, so I won't take offense . And yes, the CXL are a fine rod for what I do. The P2X also seem like they'll work well in my newly acquired quad sails. I started flying when the kites were called stunt kites. I'm neither an artist nor a competitor. 30 plus years ago I discovered the more serious I became with my flying, the less I enjoyed it. So, up until a couple of years ago, I just didn't fly any more. It was with an eye towards retirement that I took flying back up again. Now I will fly what I want, when I want, and (generally) where I want... all while not taking myself very seriously. No one else should take me 'very seriously' either.
  20. I frequently fly in confined "urban" settings. The breakage was occuring when I flew into immovable objects (brick walls, columns, concrete stairs). Thankfully my control has improved. My 3Wind SUL still has its original frame and sail. Bungee, end caps, and bridles seem to be more consumable type items 五.
  21. My daughters bought me the 150 and 250 quad frames for Father's Day a couple of years ago. Once I found a T-connector that I could use for my leading edge fitting, I've enjoyed them. They seem to break like a Rev Black Race rod when subjected to similar impact 五.
  22. Without a spreader, it looks like it may flex in the middle and lose lift. I have a Banshee Kites Scimitar dual line kite that I chose specifically because there were no spreaders (I was looking at the characteristics one would want in a show kite to be flown behind a boat). Its max wingspan is set by a "bowstring" that attaches to each wingtip. Increased sail pressure causes the leading edge to bow inward dumping wind while flying faster. It made use of battens to manage airflow across the sail and a curved spine to create a constant pocket at the nose for lift.
  23. It's okay @Bunduki Vlieger, purple is more in my color pallet. So I'll take this one .
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