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  1. You'll have that one sewn and tuned well before the Carolina Kite Festival 👍
  2. The package from @mebeatee arrived today in good condition, items as described, and 2 days earlier than estimated. Pleasure doing business with you. Moderator, you can lock this one down.
  3. The inverted slide is how I envision my pass across the lake on my approach to the first fountain. I have been practicing it with some appreciable consistency. Soccer goals are taking the place of fountains. On 120' lines my depth perception is lacking and I could really use a spotter (or a good laser measure). On my first pass using the goal it appeared that, if anything, the goal was downwind of the kite. Turns out it was between me and the kite. No harm, no foul. That's why one practices before taking to the lake.
  4. I know where my 9 aluminum frames and link lines are, but haven't come across the sails yet. One would think you'd keep the two together 🤔.
  5. Was back out today, same location and same 120' lines. But, I wanted to see how I would fare with the B-Pro. Winds were lower than I normally fly it in (I've had a tendency to over-control it in the past). But, I'm starting to get the appeal of the 1.5 frame. It was a day of a few firsts. First time I've loosened my grip on the handles and just balanced them on my fingers. First time I was able to maneuver that kite in a slow deliberate manner. It was also the first time I've really connected with that kite. I was focusing on recovering in the air. There's a lake out here with fountains calling my name, but it's specifically posted "No Swimming Allowed". So I was basically working on identifying those tells the kite gives you right before it bow ties or whatever. Then I was working on inverted side slides. On one pass working from right to left I decided to hold it at about 2 o'clock. I started jogging downwind as the kite continued to slide on a parallel line. I ran out of wind before the kite did. I may have done something similar with dual line kites decades ago. But the fact that I just went for it and it worked amused me to the point of literally laughing out loud. Best day ever part 1.5.
  6. Both feet in! I started on Rainbows and have always had a soft spot for small, diamond(ish) kites. I was actually shown these at a kite store a few months ago. Told the owner I knew what I wanted for Christmas . If I win these, I'm sure can find something else to buy instead 😁.
  7. Really like the look of that one. Of course, I'm partial to the color purple. Sort of a regional thing I guess 😉
  8. Sorry, I thought you were making a joke by the way you phrased it. Did all that ciphering for no reason 😞.
  9. 8 weeks starting now... multiply by seven... carry the one... subtract the square of the hypotenuse... Wait, that doesn't add up?!? 🤔
  10. Could have used that vented sail today. I live close enough to the path of Dorian to be under the influence of the outer winds. I was waiting for them to switch to the North so they would be blowing straight into my cul-de-sac. I was using my B Pro (full sail also) on 40' lines. Variable winds would be a good description. I'd be floating around and a gust would hit and... just wow. I've flown fast DLKs in the past, but the acceleration really surprised me. Definitely not in the market for anything smaller than a 1.5.
  11. Great information. Has anyone done illustrated step-by-step directions? I know I could have used them more than once. I'm still not completely certain what the top vertical caps are supposed to look like. After my recent additions (French Bridle/Magic Sticks) those two caps are looking kind of busy.
  12. Revolution has a few single and dual vent sails available for the Rev 1. For the price, the money would probably be better spent on another kite? I just thought this route might be worth a shot. Thanks - Michael
  13. View Advert WTB: Rev 1 Vented Sail I'm trying to preserve the shape of my almost 30yo full sail during those times when the wind picks up. If anyone has a vented sail for a Rev 1 frame they are willing to sell, please message me with the details. I may not fly it well, but I will fly it 😉 Thank You for Your Time - Michael Davis Advertiser Cot51stState Date 09/03/2019 Price Category Kites (Quad Line) Brand Any Model Rev 1 Vented
  14. Time Left: 8 days and 14 hours

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    I'm trying to preserve the shape of my almost 30yo full sail during those times when the wind picks up. If anyone has a vented sail for a Rev 1 frame they are willing to sell, please message me with the details. I may not fly it well, but I will fly it 😉 Thank You for Your Time - Michael Davis


    WINTERVILLE, North Carolina - US

  15. First place I would check is line length (are they equal). I'm new to quad flying myself and I had a line stretch issue after flying a few times on a new set of lines.
  16. Well I flew all the way to England in the back of a C-141 (with a layover in the Azores) just so I could fly my 2200cc over the beautiful beaches of Felixstowe. Okay, truth be told, the USAF had other requirements for my time there. But, in my off time, I did fly my 2200cc over the beautiful beaches of Felixstowe 😁. I get what you're saying, but at this moment in my life I have to be content flying when I can and where I can. I'm just hoping to develop my skills so the 'where' is a less limiting factor.
  17. Thanks for the info. I'm glad to know there were vented sails produced, now just a matter of locating one. I'll check with Kites Unlimited first since they're my' local' shop and the driving force behind those Sunday flys.
  18. What @Wayne Dowler said, 3 hours round trip. It's not a bad drive (and they look to be a great group) I just have to resist my environmentally conscientious tendencies and allow myself that occasional trip to the beach alone. I also need to get a vented sail for my Rev 1 so as not to stretch the original any more than what it has. They did make a vented sail for that model, right?
  19. Thanks @Paul LaMasters for sharing that information. I guess I just need to start making that 3 hour round trip drive to connect with a currently active "local" group on Sundays. Then see if there's any interest meeting up at "my place" on the occasional Saturday. With all the recent conversations of grid flying and the like, it's hard not allow the mind to wander while standing in that huge expanse of grass. And this area does have a history of embracing the more "fringe" sports. Dave Mirra made it his base of operation. I drive by his old indoor BMX practice facility on the way home from work every day. As far as being shown up on my own equipment I'd love nothing better. It'd be fun having to caution an undergrad about slack lining over the sidewalk 😁
  20. I submitted the location to kitemap.org once I confirmed that the area is open to the general public. It shows on the map, but the link to the details page is broken? All the map shows is that there's some dude in the middle of nowhere who is interested in kites 😏
  21. Congratulations @Norvin Stanley, that's how to represent for us forum newbies.
  22. Would that apply for light wind situations, too. Or would you recommend longer in light winds?
  23. Definitely don't have to worry about stepping on anyone's toes out here... but it is kinda lonely.
  24. I love it when a plan comes together... today was my first time out with my Rev1 since I added the French Bridle and Magic Sticks. Drove to the local university's recreation area (5 contiguous and impeccably maintained intramural athletic fields) to christen my 50# 120' line set. The kite is so precise and stable. From an inverted launch flying to about shoulder height it would slide from one edge of the window to the other. Even when the wind picked up it can be made to remain slow and deliberate. Thanks again to all that have humored me during this process. I know this kite is not everyone's cup of tea, but it really means a lot to me seeing it living up to its potential after so many years of owning it.
  25. This did the trick for me with an almost 30 year old Revolution I've been trying to fly in light winds. I copied the Angle of Attack from one of JB's old Pro Bs and it now flies with some authority in light winds. @Eric Wallace, that kite spent 25 years in its sleeve with me convinced I was hopelessly lousy at flying quads. Turns out I had yet to learn (with ample help from this group) how to properly tune it. Now I'm the greatest quad line kite flier for miles around! Unfortunately that also makes me the only quad line kite flier for miles around. But, I'm resolved to luring others to the "dark side".
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