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  1. Hypnotist is a sturdy kite, so suitable for a beginner from that perspective. But it's on the heavy side, so not suitable for 'super light breezy days'.
  2. Hi all Looking for a Prism 4D in the older 'yellow' colour in good condition. As I'm UK-based, ideally one in Europe, to avoid high shipping costs and custom charges, but will consider US-based as well if the price is right. Cheers, Lex
  3. Hi everyone, Lex from Flying Fish here. I'm part of a dual-line pair in the UK (Flying Fish) as well as a dual-line team (L-katz). Flying at festivals (pair and team) as well as national competition (pair only, at least for now). Interest in all things kite, but with obvious focus on pair/team-flying.
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