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  1. Thanks for the info frob, I'll try the Tennis business. Just hoping they'll continue to make great kites.
  2. Does anyone know if NewTech Kites is still around? I recently purchased a new-old stock Orion and the bridle promptly broke on the first flight. NTK was contacted via email and also voicemail but I haven't heard back from them in a couple weeks. -8th
  3. Wow, I never knew that could happen. It's common for internal ferules to hide like this...a real pain to remove them. Thanks for the update.
  4. Glad I could help yajna. I flew the AcrobatX yesterday and there are definitely knocks at the end of each leading edge tube. Mine was used and missing both the knock caps and vertical sail support standoff connectors. Me thinks those extra rods would make the kite fly with more precision.
  5. Thanks makatakam, I did fly it yesterday and concluded that the sails would benefit from some added tension. I tend to like my sport kites quiet with some precision, but not too twitchy. I haven't found the official flying wings parts yet but I've got a bunch of carbon/glass rods and a bag full of connectors...surely something can be rigged up I might add a leech line to it as well.
  6. Not the best, but here you go.
  7. Indeed. Thanks for the advice TubaKite.
  8. Are the vertical sail tension standoffs really necessary? I've just acquired a very well used AcrobatX and It seems to be missing the spreader standoff connectors for the two vertical sail tension standoff rods. The included rods are also too short to reach the upper spreader from the sail pockets. So are those two pieces required for freestyle and sport flying?
  9. This being my first post in the Power Kite Section, I hope it's in the right place. I've been teaching some friends to fly Dualies and decided that if I have to lug the control bar (I prefer using padded straps) for the Prism Tantrum 220, I might as well have both #150 & #300 line sets on one bar. A set of 2 RC car swing arm pins (35x3mm) where cut in half and epoxied in the plastic bar end pieces which were drilled through the first wall. The pin guides protrude about 10mm from the plastic wall at just below the midpoint just below the molded cross support. Thus far, it's working well but I welcome suggestions on better ways to do it of course as I'll be modifying a second bar for the Tantrum 250 as well. Happy Soaring, -8th
  10. Thanks BobL. Kite Shoppe looks like my kind of place
  11. Great tip Rob! I've gotta try that the next time out with stacks. Aside from the great info already mentioned here, I'd just like to add that making the stack lines equal lengths can be critical for most Dual-Line and Quad-Line kites. If the winds are smooth, the kites are the right distance apart, sails/frames are in good shape; and you still get a little wobble....your stack lines could be a little off. My Neutrino 3-stack did some violent wobbling upon it's 2nd launch (gusty day+newbie silliness) and I discovered that one of the stack line hooks had managed to attach itself to the upper spreader instead of the leading edge which shortened that line about 10mm. This was very hard to control I've since replaced the hooks with pigtails+looped lines which works wonderfully.
  12. I'm looking to upgrade a few older sport/stunt kites with better bridle lines. Does any one know where I can purchase bulk bridle line in multiple colors or striped patterns? Fair Winds, -8th
  13. Another great idea. I will consider this if more sand appears
  14. Thanks Mark, I've followed your excellent advice and removed quite a bit of sand from the sail. A hairdryer on the cool setting (no heat) inside each channel helped to extract about 80% of the debris and I did a little wiggling for another 10%. I've been contemplating the addition of a little slit/opening so I can feed a long piano wire+pipe cleaner in the trailing edge and either sewing or retaping it after cleaning is done. A few grains in there is ok for now though since I will continue to use this kite to teach others to fly
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