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  1. Thanks for your advice Breezin! Fixed the kite today and flew around for an hour and a half in pretty decent wind. Got a few good crashes in but it seems like everything is still holding together 😃.
  2. Thanks Breezin! Dynamic tubes seem like they're pretty hard to get. Hopefully I end up being able to find some. If I end up not being able to find any, what's the skyshark equivalents? Are the grams in the tube supposed to match up, e.g. dynamic DT15 = skyshark 5PT, dynamic D15= skyshark P2X or does it not work like that? (also i'd probably have to replace the whole LE huh 😕)
  3. I bought a ITW hydra recently and managed to break an upper leading edge spar on it in the first session . Anyone have tips on where to buy replacement rods (dynamic dt15?) and how to extricate the broken rod from the kite? I'm completely new to this and unlike the bottom rod the top one does not seem to want to move much (maybe the yoyo stopper is attached?) I'm assuming that mixing rods is a bad idea...? Thanks!
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