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  1. Hello and thank you for the warm welcom, When I was young I had always been curious about stunt kites, 4 years ago I was on vacation near Seaside OR and at the time Northwest Winds still had a shop there. I got their "Comet" dual line kite and the someone at the shop taught me the larks-head and explained that unlike other kites I would need to unwind the string all the way first (a 5 minute stunt kite 101) and sent me off to the beach to fly. I have been hooked ever since, a year ago I also got their "ZigZag" kite and of course a couple of tails. https://www.nwwinds.biz/store/ I feel like I still have a lot to learn with dual lines but I saw some people at my local kite park flying quad line and I was entranced. They let me have a few minutes at the handles and I knew I had to learn how to fly one of these beasts. I watched a ton of tutorials and read all I could about quad line kites (that is how I ended up on kitelife forums). I have had a Djinn now for just over a week as my first quad line kite and I am flying every chance I get, alternating practicing skills like hovers and reverse flying, and just trying to stunt around in new ways. (me and the Djinn at Shoreline kite Park, plus the wife requesting maneuvers)
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