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  1. Thanks Riff, you converted me, I just didnt know it.
  2. So yesterday me and the wife went to the park and I tried to crash my kite again, well i didn't try I did. But thanks to my wife she was able to be right there and flip it over. It was strange I could get it to go up, but then it would take a left or right and come crashing down. and so it started to rain and I packed up and went home. I started to think that I was always applying to much brake and that's what was causing it to come crashing down. I ordered some string and sleeves from www.thekiteshoppe.com and it came in today. I mis-ordered the sleeves, not thinking about how many sleeves I would need, so when I realized this, I called the shop and ordered some more. I had a good conversation with the lady and explained to her what was going on, she told me that it sounded like the line lengths were mis-matched - I never thought to check them. Sure as it can be the lines were way off, anywhere from 1/2, 1 inch, to 2 inches. I re-equalized all the lines and will be going out tomorrow to see if I can crash it again.
  3. @Edmond Dragut, let me yack at my wife and I will let you know. I think meeting in the middle is fair and I could use some tips, I will ley you know in the next day or two and see what my wife says.
  4. You could also try something like a Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite I didnt want to go this route because I thought I could handle flying a quad, bot I was wrong, but I am also invested so I cant turn back now. Whatever choice you make, just be patient with it, I made by first flight the other day and wanted to pull my hair out. But many people here started to give me pointers and tell me almost everyone has trials and errors, dont give up.
  5. I appreciate the offer, but I would be able to justify driving 2 hours to fly quads, I was looking for someone closer to the area I live in.
  6. I never thought about a guitar string, good idea. My son just re-string his guitar and we threw away the strings, maybe I accidentally snip one of his strings. He He. thanks for the advice.
  7. Your either not working, or logging hours and not working, either way thanks for the feedback. Do you happen to have a link to the lines and sleeving kit that you would recommend?
  8. Hello, I am new to quad kites. I was first introduced to quads when I worked with Riffclown and he allowed me to crash his kite on a hill side. I recently bought - Red/White/Blue Vertigo Standard Quad Line Kite 7930 RWB Frielien 90-lb Quadline Set with Quad Handles 1670 from www.intothewind.com. I went for my first test flight yesterday and failed miserably. I spent more time untangling lines and setting the kite up for launch than I did flying it. Riffclown suggested I get some 35' lines to learn and then move to the 85' that I bought. I would like to make some lines, does anyone know of a shop in Saint Louis MO that sells quality line? What line would you suggest, LPG or Skybond? Is there anyone in the Saint Louis MO / Collinsville / Edwardsville area, that would like to connect and fly together, or rather watch me crash and tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks stickerbush1970
  9. Yea, I really enjoyed trying to fly that night and taking your pix.
  10. Thanks Riff, if you hadn't put the bug in me last year I wouldn't be here. I hope too that we can someday fly together,
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