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  1. Agreed about the lack of drama. I wasn't trying to start a "thing". If production had moved to China, I was legitimately curious as to when. No biggy.
  2. I agree that there isn’t any proven performance superiority. Icarex has a long proven track record, though, and some people will be willing to pay for a known quantity. Others are cost sensitive and may well be getting the better deal. Given the small size of the sport kite market, it could be a couple more years before there is enough track record to say one way or the other. The only kite in my collection that might be PC21/PC20 (I’ve seen it called both) is the Sky Sport ATM. Honestly I don’t know, but it’s never worried me. It performs well and there aren’t any unexpected wear is
  3. Since when? It’s made by Teijin Limited; a Japanese company.
  4. Exodus is Icarex. Vertigo is cheaper Chinese polyester.
  5. The Hydra is made in Asia, and Dynamic spars are much cheaper than SkyShark there.
  6. I own both a Deep Space and a Mamba. The question was, “how do they compare for pattern flying.” It wasn’t “can you fly pattern with a Deep Space?” If you’re intent is to fly pattern, there is no reason to consider a DS vs a Mamba. Can a DS cut a corner and fly straight? Yes. Nobody said it couldn’t.
  7. Deep space is not built for pattern flying. There is no comparison. If those are your goals, the Mamba is better by a mile.
  8. Normally, a trip to Kinko’s would get you nice full size prints for a few bucks. Current circumstances might make that trip less desirable. Adobe Illustrator, maybe Acrobat, and all page layout programs (like InDesign and Quark) have an option to print “tiled pages” which is what you got for the Quartz, I believe. The free program Inkscape may have that ability, too, but I’m not sure.
  9. Lead tape. Golf or Tennis department of every sports store .... and Amazon, of course.
  10. Can you elaborate? I’m always looking for more insight into how specific design choices effect flight characteristics.
  11. Has there ever been a kite with a feature to improve dead launches? I can imagine a roll-bar-like feature that bows forward between the upper spreader and nose. That would lift the nose a few inches allowing it to scoop air. It would also (probably?) give the kite a 3-point stance between the bow and wingtips that minimized wear on other bits. I’m not sure what the negatives might be. It could be over-engineering for a problem that isn’t much of a problem as you become a more proficient pilot. Still, dead-launch to lazy is a pretty cool maneuver, so....... 😄
  12. Some kites dead launch better than others. Typically, strongly curved leading edges help, so if you are flying something recent it may be an uphill battle. I normally don’t even try because of the field I fly on. No nice soft grass for me.
  13. You won’t have to pay import duties on a kite from Europe to the US. I ordered an R-Sky not long ago. No fees. No trouble.
  14. Well, parking is no longer the biggest problem at Shoreline. The golf cart guy came by today to let me know that you can now only fly from the grass. PG&E doesn’t want kites in their lines and threatened the park with ... I don’t know what. So, forget finding space between the Costco kites on weekends. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the buggy and board guys. They won’t be welcome there at all anymore. Is there anyplace else in the South Bay to fly?
  15. Oh. It didn't used to be. They must have switched it up after COVID screwed the world over.
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