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  1. No shortage of Nirvana variants.
  2. Nearly everything is made to order. The website hasn’t been updated in a long time, but they’re still filling orders.
  3. Any difference you felt is due to how they were braided and coated (or not coated). LPG are my softest lines because they are not coated. Skybond are very stiff because of the waxing yellow coating. Both are Spectra. Matrix lines are somewhere in between (but closer to Skybond) and are not Spectra trademarked material.
  4. Matrix is also a Spectra/Dyneema line set. (or other UHMWPE knock-off)
  5. Same material, yes. They are braided differently and have a variety of different coatings, though. Most cars are made of steel, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same.
  6. It’s nice enough for a while, but mine wore quickly and got pretty gritty feeling. I prefer both Laser Pro Gold and SkyBond. Matrix is better than most cheap spectra line sets, though.
  7. Zuul

    Kite Flying Wind

    Nobody builds a nicer kite than Tim, IMO. Lam’s are still excellent, though.
  8. Many of the plans are “tiled” which means you print out a bunch of letter sized sheets with crop marks. Line up the marks, tape together, and you have a full size plan. Otherwise, your local office center (ie Kinkos) will print you full size plans for a few dollars.
  9. All things ebb and flow. That’s just how things go. If you’d be willing to learn German, Drachenforum is still pretty active. So is the French one. (Au fil du vent)
  10. Lam could Taz a chaise lounge. What he can do offers very little insight into what a kite is good at. Most SUL’s are difficult to Taz. I’m sure the Dream Machine is better than many, but I would expect it to be much easier to learn on a Std or even a UL.
  11. Honestly, I would recommend learning the basics with what you have. The Jam Session can do a lot and you are already familiar with it. But, if you are in a retail therapy mood, look for a kite that comes in both standard (STD) and lightweight (UL) versions (SUL and vented versions are a big plus). One of the traps people fall into ... I certainly did ... is buying a new kite all the time because “it can such-n-such trick”. Constantly switching kites slows learning because they all respond to inputs a little differently. You are lucky because you have good access to some great European kit
  12. No. Slack line tricks are much, much more than that. Spins, flips, tumbles, roll-ups. There is a whole new world of flying to explore. It’s not easy to learn, but learning is very satisfying! Watch some of these videos, and you will see all sorts of tricks you didn’t know were possible: Trick videos!!
  13. Forgot to say... your kite is familiar but I can’t quite remember what it is. I’ve definitely seen them before. Made by HQ maybe? What does the wing say? I can’t read it in the photo.
  14. What you get next depends on your interest. Foils are good if you enjoy strong pull and “playing tug of war with the sky”. If you want a totally new experience, a quad would be a great choice. If you are interested in learning slack-line tricks with a dual, then what you have is a good start, but maybe add something that can fly in lighter winds so your practice is less dependent on the weather.
  15. Agreed about the lack of drama. I wasn't trying to start a "thing". If production had moved to China, I was legitimately curious as to when. No biggy.
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