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  1. How does the Challenge Polymax Fly Market is selling compare to Icarex? Would you use is it for a "good" kite build? (mixed with Icarex)
  2. 95% doesn't seem like a very big reduction. The difference was really noticeable? In what way?
  3. Wow. Now that’s interesting. I’ve been thinking about building a 6th, just because. I hadn’t really considered that it would fill the “bigger slower” slot in my collection. I was also considering a [Return] but I don’t know how it compares
  4. Absolutely those kites are completely capable of every trick out there ... well, the R-Sky, anyway. The Sano, too. There are people on this forum that could make them dance. I'm having a little trouble progressing with them, though, and I'm suspicious that they might just be a bit too fast in their reactions. So a bigger, slower kite that still suits the way my hands are programmed might good to have in the bag. ....or I just need to spend a few hours with John B. 🤔 But that's a lot harder, logistically!
  5. AeroStar Sano SS - What can you say? One of the great ones. Benson MiniGem Beuna Vista Laguna (sold) Blue Moon Mako - One of my favorites, but limited trick potential. Mamba - Wanna love it, but don’t. Should probably fly it more. I’d like a stiffer frame. Flexfoil Psycho HQ Breeze (sold) - Yuck … who approved this for production? Level One Amazing Black Jack (sold) Easy Light Easy Vent Level Two (sold) New Tech Dynamite (gifted) Prism Alien Elixir (sold) - Needed smoother inputs than I could offer. Felt floppy to me. R-Sky Frenezy Krystal FX Seattle Airgear Skydance 2 - least tricky kite EVER 🤣 SkyBurner Wahoo - getting it to fade is practically impossible
  6. Oh no. This could take a while..... 😝
  7. @BreezinEverything I've read says the Superfly is a bit manic and requires quick reactions to get the best out of it. If you like the Psycho, I'm sure you'll have no trouble enjoying it. I think it's rather on the opposite end of the spectrum from what I'm currently looking for. The Supernova is the bigger, slower cousin, and I'm guessing even that is more of an extreme trickster in the grand scheme. I could definitely be wrong, though!
  8. Good to know. Lam’s kites have a great reputation (both for high quality and high price). Is there a decoder ring that compares all the models currently available? They all seem very similar.
  9. I haven't been flying a lot for the last ... ahem ... decade? <sigh. feeling old> At the time I would have considered myself a solid intermediate at best. Now it seems like the only thing I can consistently do is axle and not crash (much). Hopefully I'll be flying more again, and want to progress as quickly as I can. I have some great kites in my collection. I have kites that can DO all the tricks, but I'm not convinced they are the most conducive to learning tricks. I only have one full-size kite. Most are typical 3/4 size (1.8- 2.1 meter). I've just always "connected" more with smaller kites. I've given it some thought and I think that's because big arm movements don't come naturally to me. So, is there a kite out there that has the big-kite-benefits but takes small-kite-inputs? Does that make sense? Something slower and smoother that I don't have to flail?
  10. There are lots of versions. The one pictured (random image search) is called "heavy duty" and looks a bit like a vinyl end cap material. Honestly, though, I would think the thinnest kind you can find would be best. It's not as if a snug fitting is going to slide over it.
  11. You can buy heat shrink tubing with adhesive on the interior (hot glue). This works really well and is very light and low profile. It’s easier to remove than glued clips, too. I’ve also used a couple wraps of vinyl tape (electrical) and it holds up pretty well, but will need to be replaced occasionally. It takes a beating if you fly on the beach.
  12. I have a couple old favorites that don't get to travel with me because of the single-piece pultruded leading edges; namely the R-Sky Frenezy and Krystal FX. I'd like to either replace the leading edges or completely reframe them. The important thing, of course, is to not negatively effect performance ... improving it would be totally OK, though! Cutting the 6mm LE and adding an aluminum ferule is an option. It's a boring option, but an option. 😁 I believe the KFX came in an Icone framed version. Did it ever come in a full Skyshark version that could be replicated? The confusing thing to me as I've researched options is that people always talk about Skyshark PXXX kites being stiffer than 6mm Structil versions. Everything I can find shows the P300 and 6mm Structil are basically the same stiffness. You rarely see P400 or 7PT outside of vented kites, so I don't see how Skyshark framed version are subjectively stiffer. Maybe it's a "dynamic" stiffness versus "static" stiffness thing? (You can save some grams, but that also means less mass for rotation based tricks ... more confusion.)
  13. Icarex is a material originally use for boat sails. (It's spinnaker cloth.) It should be more than strong enough for what you are doing, but if you are still concerned similar materials are available in heavier weights. I think you could benefit by calling a sail-maker and discussing the project with them. In addition to helping you with selecting and sourcing a fabric, they can probably give you some tips on the best construction techniques.
  14. Sounds like something John Chilese would do. Just wild speculation!
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