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  1. Icarex is a material originally use for boat sails. (It's spinnaker cloth.) It should be more than strong enough for what you are doing, but if you are still concerned similar materials are available in heavier weights. I think you could benefit by calling a sail-maker and discussing the project with them. In addition to helping you with selecting and sourcing a fabric, they can probably give you some tips on the best construction techniques.
  2. Sounds like something John Chilese would do. Just wild speculation!
  3. Hello! I’m an old GWTW regular, but it’s been a long time since I was truly active. How old? Who else was at the 1st Huntington Beach kite party? Lol. (My handle was mmakay over there.) It’s sad to see the old forum has reached end of life, but even better to see that the kite community is carrying on here! Life has been ridiculously hectic for the last, uh, decade? I hope to get out to fly more often soon!
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