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  1. Only the Blast is still available.
  2. Zuul

    Storing kites

    Snuggly rolled together in a burrito bag. There is safety in numbers.
  3. @BobL I've flown it more than a little, but not a lot. It's always been on 50'-50# lines. In 1 or 2 mph wind you can fly without moving your feet much. If you are willing to walk it (fast walk), it will fly in nothing. Typically, I get bored of that really fast and pack it up for the day.
  4. Zuul

    Turbo bridle

    What kite is it for?
  5. I wasn't planning to sell it. If you have a serious interest, you can PM me The Amazing was redesigned in 2011 and is now sold in 2 versions. https://www.levelonekites.com/2line/amazing/#cc-m-product-12563846487 Original New "indoor" New "outdoor" Frame SkyShark 2pt SkyShark 2pt 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm & 6.0mm Sail Icarex and Mylar Skytex 27 + Icarex Skytex 27 + Icarex Span 2.00 m 2.15 m 2.15 m Height 1.07 m 1.09 m 1.09 m Weight 135 g 190 g 240 g Wind range ?? 0-5 kph 3-18 km/h
  6. I have very little SUL experience, but I do have a Level One Amazing that I picked up at Kite Party I ('03). How does the Amazing compare to the kites already discussed?
  7. Zuul


  8. While you're dumpster diving for that beat up L'Atelier, keep an eye out for a "fixer-upper" Gemini or Deep Space for me! 🤞
  9. Justify?? I'm confused.... 🤣😂🤣😂
  10. Probably "Old School" isn't exactly the right term, but I couldn't think of a better one. There are lots of really good kite plans available now for "French Style" or "Polyvalent" kites. I was wondering if there was something leaning more towards the Benson Deep Space and Aerostar Sano SS end of the pool. Both of those examples are more "transitional", I suppose. (200x rather than 199x age) What I'm looking for is: more bias towards pretty flat spins, and less emphasis on roll-up tricks gently curved leading edges rather than very straight ones slightly lower aspect ratio Do you know of anything like that you would consider a very good performing plan?
  11. Yes, I was talking about your drawing. I suspected that the drawing was not how the kite was cut, but figured it didn't hurt to confirm.
  12. The typical rev-style sail has a curved LE pocket as sown (i.e. flat pattern). That's not to say a straight LE won't work, it's just not how most are designed.
  13. OK. I went back, looked at your design, and understand what you mean now. Makes complete sense when you think about it. I just didn't think about it until you pointed it out! Is the leading edge on yours dead-straight like it's shown in the illustration? Or is the picture "not to scale" for simplicity?
  14. Can you elaborate a little on this? Is it because there is no mesh in the "vents"?
  15. Zuul

    New York Minute

    Well, what I’ve read about isn’t considered normal buzz from the trailing edge. Here is a post by JB. Several others have similar experiences if you read down in that thread: NYM Discussion I was considering buying one and that’s why I was curious if the issue was resolved in production as time went on.
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