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  1. Hard to go wrong with the standard if you only get one. It does pretty well in lower winds. The UL goes up with a couple mph less, but has a smaller range, so you would be reaching for another kite more often. If you are looking to learn tricks, I wouldn’t get the vented. When the wind is up, that makes tricks harder. The vents slow the kite down, but you still need to maintain slack. When you are a little more experienced the vent would be great for higher wind days, but those are they days you do fewer tricks not learn new ones.
  2. None are built to a higher standard than Benson. I would put the Deep Space at the top of your list. It is just great at everything, and no bad habits. The SuperFly is probably more radical, and so I would think a better future purchase.
  3. Look for something 7' or smaller. Six foot kites are normally very quick, but there aren't many good ones out there at the moment. Slightly higher aspect can be an indicator, too. Benson Superfly and Deep Space, R-Sky KFX (a fave, but most in their "freestyle" category) and Level One Reloaded are all options. It's unusual for a kite listed as pure freestyle or trick to be slow in anything but the lowest winds. The tricky but slow kites are often classified "polyvalent", and this has been a popular category for a while now.
  4. Read this. You are venturing into the black arts of bridal tuning..... andy Wardley’s Bridle Design Pages
  5. I think you would find that it doesn’t compare favorably. Maybe LP-Sport level? Maybe.
  6. There seams to be a strong preference for LPG with quad flyers, and you are among lots of quad flyers here. I find Skybond is more often the choice for dual flyers. All anecdotal, of course. Me? I miss my Berry Blue line sets. 😝
  7. No, I wouldn’t say that. I’ve had my LPG a long time, so they’ve seen a lot of use. I only recently picked up the Skybond, but I like it a lot.
  8. I’ll add to this because I have many hours on a 90# set of matrix lines. The coating is obviously wearing. The orange color is faded and the lines have a grittier feel than when new. There is no mistaking when you have 5 or 6 twists. I have LPG sets in my bag with 5x the flight time that feel better when they are twisted. My Skybond set hasn’t seen as much use, so I can’t compare wear, but I preferred Skybond slightly when both sets were new, and the gap has widened by a lot. (Which isn’t a fair comparison, but it is what is.)
  9. Yup, that’s the content I was looking for. When did the links change? My bookmark, and what I could quickly find on other sites, were all old adressses.
  10. I just tried to visit http://www.tweelijners.com and the site is nowhere to found. Is this recent? Permanent? Old news?
  11. I see some video that say “Dream Machine 2020 LH”, but he has been titling all his recent videos “2020 LH”. Did you see something else that made you suspect a revival?
  12. I have never had my hands on a Hydra or Kymera. I don't doubt they are nice, but I can't compare them for you. Get the Skyscraper and fly the crap out of it. After you've mastered a couple basic tricks, you will know what you like and what you don't. Then come back for suggestions on your next kite and we can help you spend your money.
  13. The Quantum is a nice kite, but slightly heavy. Not a big deal other than low wind range suffers a bit. The Widow NG (Skyscraper) probably has an edge in light winds. I’ve had an opportunity to fly both, albeit briefly, and I don’t think you would go wrong with either.
  14. Yes, very similar. The biggest change I made was to the center triangle to keep all the lines pure. I don't know how it affects performance, but I sure like the way it looks! 😄
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