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  1. Second flight, this time with proper wind and space. https://www.facebook.com/nicole.hays.1610/videos/2553850881301204/?t=12
  2. Another P.S. 2 minutes is a LOT longer than it sounds when you are a white knuckled newbie!
  3. Had my first outing with my new HQ 2.2 Pro Foil. It was probably not an ideal scenario and I struggled. I went to the local soccer fields. No one around when I arrived. I went to the double field and set up. OOOPS! forgot sand bags...not good, but got `er up. Winds were probably around 10mph, but with trees, fences, backstops, goal nets, it seemed to be very choppy. The left tip of the wing kept collapsing when nearing the left edge of the window. Same on the right. I guess I am saying the wind window was super narrow, but seemed to be tall. I could fly almost overhead before any sign of stall. I kinda got backed into the infield area and things got interesting! Then a few father/daughter groups came and started kicking the soccer ball around too close for comfort and safety, so I packed it up. My best flight was maybe 2 minutes over 45 minutes at the field, but a few nice loops each way and a couple low, fast passes each way along with a few epic crashes, one into a tree. I am going in search of some wide open tomorrow. Next week, we hit the coast (Yachats Or) for the weekend. Cant wait to get after some beach flying if it seems safe enough. First flight with any kite over 15 bucks, so Imma call it a win! Just thought I'd share. P.S. my gut is telling me that I am going to end up a low wind/ Rev kite kinda guy when all is said and done.
  4. Does anybody have an opinion of the Flying Wings AcrobaticX? It is in my price range and I am finding more and more low wind days. Maybe even able to afford the HQ Stratus R2F. Thoughts?
  5. Just a few cents worth of my brain. I have had numerous hobbies over the years including a RC airplane habit, competition archery, mountain biking and motorcycling(Street Glide). Soooo many dollars for fun. The wife likes motorcycling, and is warming up to kiting, but her activity is the dog and her guitar. I am so pleased that one COULD go whole hog with w/ a few kites as well as the requisite accessories for a couple people/preferences/conditions for a fraction of the cost for a great 3-d bow rig or RC plane. She loves the beaches on the Or Coast. We go there a couple times a month. She is a huge GOT fan, so I am looking for the perfect Dragon Kite...then I GOT her flying with me! I will find the kite, just wanted to ramble a bit while it is hailing and I am giving my equipment some love. So much fun for so little investment!
  6. Quick details. I am male, 56 yrs. old 5'8" about 175lbs. I am both strong and fit for my age. I own a few single line "set and watch" kites for the beach. One cheapo dual line stunt kite(about 40" wingspan) and a new HQ Symphony Pro 2.2. I just got the HQ and have only one shakedown flight that went fine, but I guess I am still in beginner status based upon line time. The cheapo stunt kite is hella challenging in high winds on the Oregon coast, but I can fly it fairly fast and have not destroyed it yet. Perhaps a dozen high wind flights and my only crashes were landing it. I feel pretty confident in my basic two line skills. I am not about traction sports or even serious skudding. I like to carve up the sky! Former full size pilot and RC pilot, so I know and love wind/air! Here is my question. I want to add one more kite to my quiver for this summer. I know that I want a fairly big framed stunt kite. Something that can do nice big, slow, simple tricks in moderate wind. I can handle big pull if it crops up, but thinking of something more relaxing than my mini that screams. I have been eyeing the Prism Quantum, or should I go bigger? What say you kite gurus? And, TIA!
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