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  1. I am looking for a Large Framed kite Pure 2 xl or 3xl, Thors Hammer or Topaz let me know if there any for sale out there
  2. You are right RobB . i prefer large full size kites. that is why i like the Pro Dancer (would like a Prism Vapor also ) hard to find thought
  3. i have never flown a AcrobaticX . I have flown a Pro Dancer SUL will fly when my Prism 3d won't pricey but the Pro Dancer is the light wind kite i want
  4. Thanks for the welcome look forward to the forum
  5. Does anyone Fly in The Mobile Area let me know
  6. I like to Fly at the USS Alabama Battleship park . Very Large Field by Mobile Bay (20 Acres) always good winds. let me know anyone else flies there as well.
  7. Hi Everyone i haven't been flying in long time (10 years) . Decided to get out the kite bag (make a few repairs mainly dry rotted connectors) This is my the first forum i have joined . Wanting to see whats new in the kiting world.
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