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  1. Midibot is on about the way the spring is attached to the tube, we each have 3 different offerings. I like the heatshrunk way as it looks stronger and tidier.
  2. Used fibreglass parcel tape on mine for convenience though will have to keep an eye on it. I got a baggy of 20 or so handle leader caps so i suppose I have no excuse but to use them. How the springs have come on, can now just slide them off and use the strut as either a leading edge or a vertical.
  3. I realise your after Riffclowns attention but guess your spring your currently inspecting probably came before mine? Just spotted the darker section of wire on the spring as you posted it.
  4. I think earlier springs were fitted differently, heatshrink wouldnt look as tidy over these things.
  5. Got me on one now dude, so added a piece of fibreglass tape to both verticals in the place the spring moves as suggested, as well as both ends for support. Then found some 7.5mm carbon tube and added some tape to just over an inch sections. Once fitted was able to see exactly how much of the tube is loosley supported by the new style plugs. About 7mm and even that is a loose fit. I then left these sections on the plugs as they fit beautifully. Now my verticals are heavily supported at both ends with no wobbles from the loose fitting plugs. Bungees are still able to move the vertical so its not like am stressing anything, just supporting the load against the ends.
  6. Reposted as the first post was in error. My apologies to any who responded. Findings have since changed some. Intial post was a rash response to a personal crisis lol This post sums up my feelings about my kite more precisely. Am not ready to ditch Reflex just yet. Vertical, second flight quite strong winds at the upper end, brand new Reflex RX. I always ensure everything is seated properly. Launched, hovered vertical blew off WTF 😲☹️ top inner edge gave out 😮10mm ish of splits about as much as is fitted inside of the plug. Baffled, unhappy, hope this is not going to happen all the time otherwise be goodbye Revolution Reflex RX. My second Kite, first was the Pulse UK made, Skyshark P90 tubes, so not an utter newbie error....or was it. I've re-enforced all my tube ends with fibreglass parcel tape as used in the construction of Peter Powell Stunter Kites hoping this will help support an inherant weakness?? Joe reckons can carefully cut off the damage and re- use as a leading edge spar. Leading edge will shrink by 10mm but is already too long by 20mm ish, all that extra carbon sticking out is unsightly anyway lol. If it happens again the same will have a tidy leading edge, equal and a restored spare tube 😎 Am not keen on these plugs as they tend to fit uneven, the top one looks angled probably due to Reflex pressure and the bottoms wobble about some which can't be a good thing. Leading edge plugs fit just as uncertain. Caps from my Pulse seemed a much better idea. Top has a plastic sleeve around the plug, it offers no support I can see just gives a more tidy finish. All my plugs felt quite loose like the rods were only just under tension.
  7. You must have used that comment to others as its been back quoted to me before lol, I know what your saying, you mentioned Joe was an engineer but all I saw was the salesman. That said though unlike you he avoids drama at all costs ha ha. You cannot bait Joe, I know I've tried, he did give me a few tidbits of information about why Reflex. Joe hates two line tricks axels and the like, he does'nt like that probably cus he can't do one lol as far he is concerned the Rev was never designed for that. Rev do want you to buy their kites. Pros are going to look elsewhere as none of them need Reflex. Joe has changed his stance to say you can switch Reflex off. Am yet to figure out after owning a flat quad what exactly Reflex does except for maybe a flat launch which I have yet to try. I did notice my springs have a tendancy to move and in stronger winds almost lay flat to the sail. Its possibly a tad slower than my flat quad and for that I am grateful. if I acheived what I decided was mastery of the Rev. Plus if I fancied slack line tricks like axels and the flick flack along with catches, in all probability I would progress to a snagless Djinn. Its a pretty nice looking quad nobody can deny that and has all of your experience encompassed in its creation. Joe missed an opportunity if there was ever an offer of a collaboration is all I can say.
  8. Wot like that you mean lol Yea I've already experienced an upright taken over by the wind violent spin and a snapped leading edge spar on my first even more fragile UK made and designed quad. In my opinion as a newbie its the very first flying skill that needs to be learnt or taught, inverted park, handles secured at the tops to drive the kite forward and down.
  9. Two hours your dreaming in this country, closer to around 4 as well as how much it costs in fuel. Then you need to own a tent pay to pitch it or pay for accomodation. Maybe next year when my power steering works again and am a little more profficient with my Rev. The way the economic climate is going we could all be back to horse and cart here ha ha
  10. Yea not everyone has the finances or inclination to travel half way around their country to find one of these events. I managed Westward Ho Kite Festival in the Southwest of England, were'nt any of that kind of thing going on though "Armarinth the Dragon" was there. I've been in contact with one other Rev owner in my city and it's taken me ages to coax him to even consider Club 38. He's owned a Rev Exp for many many years and thought he wasnt up to the standard of Club 38 doh. That's how much information he had gleaned from his many years of ownership. I found this guy on the Facebook Quad Group. I've yet to get an opportunity to fly with him, he only lives a few miles from me & am a complete newbie to Revs. What I have noticed with kites in general is there are plenty of wealthy people who own them willing to give out expensive advice, as well as plenty of not so wealthy people who need something like Club 38, who might well have to fly alone & learn alone except for any information they're able to glean from online communities. Just remembered where I'd seen your name, didnt you do the History of Revs or some such thing dude?
  11. If as a newbie I just bought a kite and got on with flying would probably never have noticed something had gone down. Besides who am I mere newbie no one lol Am new here so can only take people as I meet and find them. I think Club 38 is cool as a free addition to buying a Rev, I would even go so far as to say it helped enusure my patronage. I would have been a lot less impressed if it was a subscription or flat fee service instead. I can imagine paying for it just prior to it becoming free annoyed a few people. Moreso if they never got a partial refund or some perks from helping to support it. At a certain point watching everyones videos on youtube one kinda expected a collaboration of inspiration and knowledge, yet further investigation threw up potential conflict instead, like something had gone down. Me am just a nosey f*cker sticking my beak where it's not wanted, ruffling feathers, p*ssing people off, yea that sounds like me. Thanx for your Welcome Dude 😎Bit like my kite flying am a challenge lol
  12. lol dude chill am just teasing the finger wasnt squared at you! I just dont like people slating something I found to be extremly useful. Believe me when I say am just as bald in real life ha ha As for the whole whatever went on, has gone on stuff, I've kinda spotted, been a nosey f*cker, gleaned and even spoken to the horses mouth. Anybody can see the Rev forum has died and everybody has moved across to the Kitelife forum. I already mentioned to Lolly that the Rev forum is bugged and dead. I personally have found that both Joe and JB are willing to be as hlepful as any newbie could require and life is too short or soon to be 😘 P.S Am a biker I give everybody the finger at some point its my nature.
  13. Here we are in 2019, my first interactions with Revs as people often call them was seeing JB flying a medley. He was flying Revs, further investigations led me to the Revolution website and that dodgy video of somebody dive bombing a kid. Still further investigation led me to Club 38, try as i might I could not find the passwords beyond the first one. Later I did find a level 2 video that has since been removed. JB's free videos are all over youtube so obviously I watched all of those several times over along with just about every video he has put out there. At the back of my mind was the thought about getting one of these Revolution kites, swoopy swoopy and spins along with dives can only hold a persons attention for so long. Being dragged around by big foils is very tiring after a while and the quad varients although much more engaging are not very accurate. I do still enjoy them though. So back to my thoughts about getting a very expensive to my mind Kite. Hmm Club 38 am going to need a Gopro, often seen but never considered. Am broke most of the time but for some reason I managed to obtain a Gopro Hero 7 Black. Best deals are on the latest model as everybody and his mum wants a return on their older models. Pity these things are designed on the apple philosophy of ripping off the buyers as often as possible for little to virtually no upgrade. They only work at their best with apple phones which is typical. Easiest resale comes from owning the latest varient. I missed buying a Revolution XX by a week in Orange as for some reason the UK vendor was having trouble shifting that colour. By the time I amassed my funds prior to buying the gopro they had sold out blah! I ended up buying a clone of the classic b series. Now even though I enjoy watching JB's videos they are not structured in the same way that Club 38's are. Problem was I didnt own a Rev so could not partake of Club 38. All my flying was random disconected solo and very destructive, destroyed my entire leading edge over 3 outings. Luckily my kites creator took parital responsibilty due to not having branded tubes that were .5mm larger than the verticals. I consequently sold that copy b series kite as did not feel like I was part of anything owning it. Still at the forefront of my mind was buying a genuine Rev. Bill Clay's winge about his XX put me right off the idea of buying one of those as thought the XX was Reflex only so I opted for the RX. Only later did I find out that Reflex can be disabled and the XX was merely a large low wind designed kite. Joe Hadzicki offered me a custom that basically amounted to the UK price once shipped, I couldn't refuse the chance of a Red White and Blue RX signed by its creator and family. I joined Club 38's facebook page and my experience so far has been awesome, as JB says even though Joes teaching is not on par with his own due to Joes formulaic approach, whereas JB's is more of a personal approach the teaching is still structured so in that way is beneficial especially to the newbie. So Joe uses a script so what, he is getting on in years you know. Just like the rest of us his age, his memory is shot to sh*t. He could have suffered a mild stroke you would'nt know. Give the guy a break, if it werent for him and his Revs you maybe wouldnt be all the c*ck sure fliers of His designed kites you are today, respect where respect is due. As for Club 38 it aint perfect, Joes videos could do with some of JB's inspriation and certainly somebody better at pointing the camera in the right direction. The support by fellow fliers and newbie learners is cool and there are still dozens of owners out there who dont have a clue about any free training. Joe sells the complete package, it might have taken him a while to make it presentable, it might not be perfect but I like it and I along with many others thinks its cool 🖕
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