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    started flying parafoil kites when I was a kid an i just bought a rev xx
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    early 90's
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    victimville, Ca
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    flying kites

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  1. awesome thanks so much I was literally having to make my own from crossbow arrows I picked up at wallyworld
  2. not sure if this has been covered but what options are there to replacing the vertical shafts on my rev xx broke two within a month's time granted the wind may had been to strong but I digress, cant afford $100 when they break, any ideas from you kite gurus out there?thanks
  3. thanks John, happy to join the group so iv tried doing various searches an I cant seem to find any, but what do you recommend for replacement of vertical shafts iv snapped 2 within a month's time an the factory rev ones are like $100 I consider myself rich in other ways but one of them is not money, lol anyways any advice would help thanks it's for the rev xx
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