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  1. turbo bridle makes the kite stiff, almost flat in the air. The modification does not work all the time only with a sudden gust or with increasing wind speed. not shock absorber
  2. His task in TURBO BRIDLE is to increase the flexibility range of the upper frame, which significantly reduces its damage in a sudden and strong gust of wind (I broke 6 tubes in 3 months)
  3. Yes. It's turbo bridle. He's got a couple of kites. But in mine, she was modified to dimensify the Fredoom 2000 his author, so no the plans.
  4. Hello. Standard dimensions without a problem I found. But the kite creator modify the zoom and not its dimensions.
  5. Thank you, and I'm sorry I put an untranslated post.
  6. Hello. The middle section of the bridle has been damaged. The kite author has no plans for a bridle. I did not find diagrams on the net with these dimensions as mine. I had to save with a regulation cord. I am looking for bridle plans with dimensions such as photo. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vaxVCmjixviyCEE56 https://photos.app.goo.gl/vaxVCmjixviyCEE56
  7. For this I'm getting ready for the purchase of a new kite... And for now, I'm flying on what I m getting in him, not invest in him.
  8. I fly on a rigid arm because only that's how she is available at the decent price... the upper flexible frame is about $50. And the stiff comes out about ten bucks, but it's fragile. I had soft (pipe 2.4 M. I could be seen in a circle) but it was very heavy, she weighed almost twice as stiff.
  9. In Poland, I am limited to the availability of the kite producers. Or revolution or hq. Ordering from the Usa or China because of the duty and vat can increase costs by 30%. And I have to remember the exchange rate (ca x4). There was one of the lawmen's construct but he was in business... 😠
  10. Very interesting statement. But the last statement is almost impossible to make. I need to test each of the models produced by different manufacturers. Apart from the purchase, customs and VAT costs it would take a while :) :)
  11. Pedro. I know that your experience, your handwriting and innovation must be appreciated. I understand why your kites cost so much if it's not the euro for the Euro I could order 3 models, and I can afford 1 vat to be about 90 euros. And the kite of revolution in my country in my country have less than 400 euros of vat. I also understand why you did so many detox options. But as one of those who only treat kites are already treating recreationally to buy two models and a few frameworks. As for the quality of the enforcement of the higher accuracy, the latter is sufficient to do more than 10 years of model which has only 1 flaw, the redacted material. For that I'm going to buy a new one. https://kite4fun.pl/revolution-1-5-reflex-rx,3,1006,27334
  12. Detox is already on the list and is, yes, and it is not available in Poland, but it is not available in Poland, which is to be able to add vat and the duty... and after the calculation of a lot cheaper, even though I wrote a fly of revolution, as I have been treating a hobby, but I want a corporal model, with a good way, with good opinion and parameters to make me happy...
  13. The duty and the tax depends on the prices and the Group of goods, so the differences are not divested in the case of the various elements from different suppliers, the additional costs of transport, links and manoeuvres, are available at home, at a given moment the only kites available in the country is a revolution (most older models), hq, Orao, Elliot and spiderkites
  14. Yes, I know that the ranges are estimated by changing the frame to increase or reduce them. But the wind scopes have another sense - the reduction of fatigue of material. increase the amount of panels, their differences, their size and imposition or the percentage of the relevant surface to the surface of the sail. If a reduction in the scope is not a higher increase, it may result in a faster consumption or even the damage, and I know there is no flying latader for every wind condition, I know I'm gonna need some different kinds of different things. But I M only looking at recreational, so I'm looking for the most universal model.
  15. Revopolo = polokites 4wd = 4 wind driver. Orao, I've got their dual line kite, but four quad kite links of the 10 Km/h. And that's the way I ve got it. Last time I have to check... Thank you, 😁
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