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  1. Think my wing tip just dug in a bit when I gave my launch tug. Couple weeks ago my girlfriend was tired of being my "re-launcher" so I started learning to belly launch with the kite pointed away. Not mention that I don't want to walk and lean it up against a soccer goal anymore. Once in the air, flying is no problem, but I'm trying to teach myself more. Been attempting half axles, so I'm relaunching a lot. Not to mention I'm inland and trying to fly in some lower on/off type of wind. Next kite purchase is going to be something that will go up easier in the lower wind range.
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  3. Tried to fly my quantum today in some low wind. Got about a half hour. Somehow managed to break the lower leading edge rod. Think I was being a bit too vigorous while yanking the line to do nose away belly launches. It seems to take quite a bit of input motion with that kite, so I was probably overly enthusiastic in my pull. Wish i could say it was a more spectacular high speed crash tho.....haha!!!!
  4. No experience that matters so to speak in terms of my flying time, but on a whim / impulse purchase i bought a neutrino, a 2nd to stack on, and the neutrino bag. Flown it once, just the single kite with the tail. It's super fast, responsive, and a ton of fun. Couldn't be happier with it and can't wait to fly it again. Shortly I'll buy a 3rd to stack and another set of lines.
  5. What's up flyers?!?!?!? Hoping to be educated / read up on things i don't know....which is quite a bit at this point. Pretty limited flying time so far I guess but i can keep it in the air, do some loops, and basically entertain myself. Bought a Premier Osprey about 6yrs ago after a long time of wanting a stunt kite. Couple summers ago while on vacation I picked up a Prism Quantum that I only finally flew a month ago. That incited a recent purchase of a Prism Neutrino along with a 2nd stacker. Looking forward to adding many kites to my collection and filling up my bag of tricks that's currently empty! About the long and short of it.
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