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  1. Thanks to all. I flew it yesterday in some pretty light winds. I was being thrown off by the really long leader lines. It looks like it will be an excellent kite to start learning tricks on. Even though it was slow because of the wind, it was much more precise than any I had flown before. It was easier to stall and invert too. Because of the light winds, I had to remove most of the weights. I’ll have to learn more on on how and when to use them. I’m pretty happy with the kite.
  2. Thanks. I figured I’d do that, but long is about 2’, and the knot on the leader line is tiny. It won’t hurt to try though.
  3. Hello. I just purchased an ITW Hydra. All of the stunt kites I’ve flown (mainly Prisms) have had the bridles pretty much setup. On this one, each side has a long line that has a knot at the end of it. It knots into the line that attaches to the center spar and lower spreader. How is the bridle supposed to be setup? The assembly instructions only make mention of using the pigtail off of the upper spreader. Can anybody help?
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