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  1. That rig is what "Whatakite" used to use. It will work well. My only concern would be the plastic cleats but only for the reallllly big kites. I launch kites on the beach with ppl all around me. Give me 25 feet and I'm good. Here is what I do when I race to the flying field/beach 1. Dig hole for sand anchor or pound stakes 2. Hook quickdraw carabiner to sand anchor or quickdraw carabiner to a rock climbing sling to stakes 3. Pull 15 feet of line through carabiner and wrap it off. (Sometimes my bridles are long and there will only be a couple of feet of line)
  2. I have a big figure 8. I don't use it to tie off. I actually use it to clip carbine in on the large end and I used a climbing strap through the smaller end and to the sand anchor. It spun on me too and I seemed to have to wrap around many times to get the line to stay put. I've found it more effective just using a bunch of carbines. The picture I have is without the 8. I have a carbine and a climbing strap through the sand anchor. This is simply to place the carbines at different lengths so its less confusing which line is which. The 3rd carbine is just hooked onto the first
  3. Wanted to make this before I left for the beach by end of month. Not going to happen so ive switch to making a pilot and my first applique. Hope to finish this green guy before November. Last part I was working on was head and feet from a plush pattern in CAD. It wasnt working out and I decided to just make it all from scratch. Here are some more rows sewn. Getting slower now. Down to 15 inches per minute.
  4. I dont have a name for it. (I let my wife have that honor) This darn thing has been in CAD since 2008 and I finally committed to building it. It took me a long time to buy all the fabric among other things. Not much to see yet. Lots of sewing to do. My portable coffee table: 64" x 144" 1/5 the width and 1/4 the length: Eh, I like to keep track of things:
  5. My dad's large 5 foot delta from his father. He put it on a massive 3000yd spool of fishing line. Flew it in the park with him one day and dropped the spool. Never saw it again...
  6. For anchoring into soil. (Not sandy soil) I use two spikes 18 to 24inches long. You can buy them for about $3 each at Home Depot or Lowe's in the masonry section near the rebar. Pound them into the ground at opposing angles. (Make an "X") your line goes around the intersection of the "X". If the anchor ever comes loose the spikes are likely not to get tied in the line and become a steel missile too. I also spray paint the ends with bright paint. This helps ppl from tripping on them too.
  7. Hello everyone. I am a kite builder. Have been since 2008. I like very large SLKs. My wife is getting more involved too. Looks like she prefers the stunt kites. We have two cheap dual lines that we play around with when we visit the beach. Looking to expand that interest.
  8. That is a lot of fabric! I have a "maxi" size kite "ball" at 14' in diameter and I use 1200lb line. (I've snapped 500lb) You will need a very large lifter for that. I don't think there are current sellers for that size. It would be easy to build just requires a lot of material. The ball I have took 100+ yards. I would also recommend looking at some Peter Lynn style kites. The octopus can fly without a pilot.
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