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  1. Skyburner promised beauty and performance, and they delivered. The Tica 2020 is visually appealing and masterfully built, but the performance is even more spectacular. I've had my Tica out 3 times now. The first time was in low and bumpy winds (0-2mph), better suited to the Pro Dancer SUL or Zephyr. I struggled to keep the Tica airborne, but it was possible to to get it to fly, just with a lot of effort. The second time out was in high and gusty winds (15-30mph) that my Silver Fox 2.5 Vented excelled in. I was stupid to take the Tica out in those winds, but it handled gusts well enough and (luckily) didn't explode. My third time out with the Tica was the proverbial ticket! Winds were low and smooth (2-6mph), and blowing in just the right direction for my partially treey field. This is where the Tica came to life. Straight line tracking and 2D flight we're smooth and predictable, while 3D flight was far more graceful than anything I've been able to achieve in any of my other kites. Axels, which I can do with maybe a 30% success rate on any other wing in my collection, looked like they were being done by a seasoned pro. Ground recoveries are excellent on the Tica as well. Cartwheels are effortless, pop-ups are predictable, and even the dreaded belly-down-nose-in dead man's position is recoverable. My only criticism of the Tica, is that it is hard to get it to lay on it's back or do a back flip. This is more than likely do to my limited experience, but I'm thinking a little more weight at the tail might improve this. I will be experimenting the next time I have it out. If you've been considering buying the Tica 2020, just do it. You won't be disappointed. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using KiteLife mobile app
  2. From my experience with the 4D, I can tell you it is more comparable to the Kite Forge Kaiju. Both will fly in little to no wind, but neither are true tricking kites like the Shadow.
  3. But in all seriousness, it depends on the material type and age.
  4. At a temperature far lower than any sane pilot would fly in.
  5. The kaiju is tougher than it looks. I've had mine out on 18' lines in gusts of 5-7mph, it even survived a tree attack. Can it handle higher winds? Yes. Is it enjoyable to fly in higher winds? Not so much.
  6. I will second that! But I highly recommend shopping around, you never know who's having a sale.
  7. Flying wings has several UL/SUL options. The HQ Shadow is a highly regarded UL. Sky Burner has a couple UL/SUL. Into the Wind also has couple of nice UL.
  8. Ah yes, if you click on the advert, it shows "wanted". For some reason it's not shown in the forum post.
  9. Thank you for the clarification, I was hoping you were selling one.
  10. I don't mean to sound thick, but could you please clarify your post?
  11. The Prism video demonstrates a way to relaunch from the belly down nose in position. Looks like a big tug to bounce the nose up followed immediately by a smaller tug and walking backward to get air under the sail. Of course the pilot in the video makes it look easy, however, I am hesitant to try it.
  12. no affiliation, but it looks like Chicago Kites has them on their site. Apologies, I misspoke, they appear to be out of stock.
  13. Greetings! My love of kiting has recently been rekindled and I have vowed to learn the art of dual line trick flying. In my research, I stumbled across this forum and found so many useful discussion threads, I thought I had to join. So here I am! I look forward to learning and growing with the community.
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