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  1. Bob IS my uncle, and that was the trick - I didn't even think to pull off that end cap. Adding the weight makes it an entirely different kite. What fun!
  2. Flying my Prism Quantum the other day, I noticed that where the lower spreaders insert into the center T-fitting, they no longer slide in and stop. I can insert both spreaders on either side, and one can push the other spreader partially out of the fitting. Has this always been the case (and I never noticed), or did something give way in the center fitting? The net result of this was that my kite is more prone to coming apart when I'm knocking about in a particularly brisk wind. I'd love to know if this is normal, or if not, if there's something I can do to get it back to the way it was.
  3. That's what it says in the pamphlet. But there's no room to slide it in because the spine is already in there!
  4. I've read and re-read the instructional pamphlet that came with my close-out Zephyr late last year (2019), but I can't figure out how to attach the removable spine weight. Does the little shaft on it get crammed into the same pocket as the spine? I can't figure out how to fit it in there. Any tips - or better yet, a photo? (Bonus points if you can describe the process without causing the temptation to cut loose with a "that's what she said.")
  5. I've gotten to where I can do a backflip fairly consistently, and sometimes I can even wrap it up into a yo-yo, at which point I laugh at the absurdity of life. Shortly after that, I ask myself, "How do I unwind this?" I accidently did it once, but I don't know how. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm riffclown in the making. I only take two because that's all I've got!
  7. OP here. I've enjoyed all the interesting points y'all have been making. And I realized that I didn't really ask my question in the right way -- or at least the motivation for my question was missing. My issue is that I'll check the wind forecast on Windy, go to the beach, and then be like -- so what is the actual wind speed and how does that compare with what I read on Windy so I know what to expect next time? And it seems like I'm better at remembering numbers than feelings. But I'm resisting the urge to get a new gadget and will just try to pay better attention. And carry two kites unless I'm very sure about what I'll be facing.
  8. How do y'all figure out the wind speed when you're flying? The best I can do if check my Windy app for current conditions, but that is extremely approximate. I'd like to know what winds I'm flying, to better judge what to pull out next time I go out.
  9. Chook: That rig is SLICK! Did you construct the whole cleat assembly? I'd love to know if I could do something like that without buying special tools.
  10. DannyB

    Wind forecast

    What web sites do y'all find are worthwhile to get a decent wind forecast? I'm in the Tampa area along the Gulf, and it seems like relying on weather.com doesn't give me the detail or accuracy I need to find out if it's worth heading out to the beach to fly. I found windfinder.com. What do you use? Thanks!
  11. Googling led me down some interesting rabbit holes, but no real info I could use there. What I'm looking for is a secure connection to my anchor that is also easy to adjust. I don't always have 200+ feet of beach to lay everything out before launching. I want to get it part way up (safely) and then be able to go up higher (safely). And same thing in reverse: walk it partway down, reel in some line, repeat (safely).
  12. I'm a newbie. I bought a figure 8 from Gomberg because it looked like a good way to tie off a SLK but still allow for fairly easy adjustments. When I tried to approximate the wrapping method they show in the product information, the figure 8 just kind of spun around until the line was running slack through the ring ... not effective. Could be I'm doing it wrong. 🙂 But looking for tips, tricks, warnings. I want to be able to adjust while the kite is in the air, but I'm mostly solo. I fly on a beach using sand anchor(s). Thanks.
  13. Hey, I have a cute little HQ Roto Kite. It's a box kite that spins along its axis. Nice. Gentle. Kinetic. Kolorful. On its maiden flight, it was a joy. I took it out several weeks later, and it just wouldn't go. Kept tipping back on its axis, putting the "bridle" (not really a bridle as much as a simple connection point) tipping upward and the whole thing would just sort of sink. Nice. Gentle. Kinetic. Kolorful. Kaput. I know I'm not giving much for anyone to go on by way of tips, but any guesses what might have gone wrong? I'm taking it out today again. Wish me luck. --Danny
  14. Thanks for the welcome message. You related to any Barresis from the Gorge? I taught math in the Stevenson-Carson School District in a former life.
  15. Can you clarify or expand on what that means? (I'm new. Thanks!)
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