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  1. Who is excited for another drawing from KiteLife? What an amazing community….
  2. I just added an offer, I am in Minnesota, so wondering if you are willing to ship? I can add the cost of shipping on the offer. Cheers.
  3. I’m still waiting on the last of the hardware, but here are a few details. This is my first kite build, but to be fair, I have some engineering experience and even some sewing experience. I unfortunately research things for years….. For this kite, I am just building it for fun and seeing if I can make something I would want to fly in public. I started with a Nexus kite to provide the shape of the sail and began to modify from there, one major problem is I have been ordering spars and connectors for a much larger kite, so all of the hardware is oversized. Yes this kite will be very strong, but maybe too heavy to really fly and I may need to lighten the carbon and connectors. Weight comparison: Nexus minus front and rear spars: 146 grams This kite minus front and rear spars: 260 grams
  4. I have been collecting supplies for a new Sport Kite for a while now, and decided to see how far I could get with a one day build. Attached are some photos, but I ran out of carbon tubes, so it will take a few days to finish up. w.s.: 68” weight: heavy
  5. I have another question about the material in a kite, I don’t know the name of the sail material used for vents. I have a local store in Minneapolis that has a huge selection of fabrics, and a number of mesh type fabrics, but they are very stretchy. Can anybody tell me what to look for for vent material? Thank you for the help. Cheers.
  6. Wow, I have never flown the Spark, I would love to see pictures. Any chance you could post here, or text to 763 772 6748. Cheers.
  7. View Advert Looking for Prism Kites Any chance somebody has a good condition Prism Kite? Preferably fairly old, but in flyable condition. Please let me know. Cheers. Advertiser The_Gregors Date 07/25/2022 Price $1 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Model  

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    Any chance somebody has a good condition Prism Kite? Preferably fairly old, but in flyable condition. Please let me know. Cheers.


  9. Thank you so much. Kites and Fun Things has everything I need, which means no more excuses, time to get to work. Cheers.
  10. Hello all, I am just getting back into flying kites after a few years away. I am also working on a design of a 2 line sport kite, the trouble is I am struggling to find sources for the material. The big online kite ships (I am in the USA) have all of the hardware I am looking for, but I have not found a source for Transparent Mylar and Icarex. Thank you for any suggestings. Cheers.
  11. Hello all, I tried to search, but have not found what I am looking for…Does anybody have a suggestion on how to display kites indoors? I primarily fly 2 line sport kites from Kite Forge and Prism. The one idea I have seen is a metal hook from the tail of the spine of the kite mounting to the ceiling. This allows the kite to hang vertically, but upside down. I would prefer to have the kites displayed in a more natural flight attitude. I guess I could also run 3 lines from the ceiling connecting the nose and wingtips, but I am hoping for a more elegant solution. I could calculate the exact center of gravity and hang the kits from there, but how to connect to the kite? (Maybe I could use magnets). Anyway, does anybody have any suggestions or better yet photos of their “kite wall”? (Yep, I am onto something with the magnets). Cheers.
  12. I realize this is an old thread, but I have a Nexus on order and am curious if you came to any conclusions as to how to tune the Nexus for different wind conditions. I feel this is a skill I am going to have to develop.
  13. John, Looks like I joined just in time. FYI, thanks for the Kaiju, she arrived today and I am looking forward to the first flight. Cheers.
  14. Thanks for the reply. You just gave me another rabbit hole to follow. Is reading about Kites an official hobby?
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