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  1. I am pretty much a novice and still learning. I think it is well worth the money to join the forum. The pay tutorials are a big help.   In this age of Covid, it is difficult to get together with anyone, but If you go to the Jersey Shore, there has been a great weekend event, usually early October called LBI Fly. This may or may not happen this year, but if it does, there usually are people there who can help you learn to fly. It is at Ship Bottom NJ on Long Beach Island. 

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  2. The event turned out very well. The high water was a problem on Friday and light wind Saturday morning,  but Saturday afternoon and Sunday were great. I got some tips from Paul LaMasters and hopefully can fly with the group next year. 

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  3. Hello John,

    This is an interesting site. I have recently started flying an Rev Exp and just bought a Rev XX for better light wind flying. I fly at a park with variable winds and the EXP seemed to need more wind to fly well. I am sure it is because of my limited experience. I seem to do better when I can fly near the Atlantic Ocean at the New Jersey shore. The wind is much steadier there. I race sailboats,  so I have some idea about changing winds. 


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