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  1. Hi... Will the XT be available in the UK and do you have a supplier, how much is the kite, any idea when and any idea of the cost of getting one over here??? Lots of Qs but the only option I can find in the UK is the Rev RX Spider and some of Forum regulars don't seen too impressed with way it's vented.
  2. Hi guys, newbie question. The 'dark side'... seen this mentioned in old posts so what's it mean? I love anything that flies but I'm drawn to quads and only flown Revs so far, so I quess that's what it relates too... ?? While I'm here, any thoughts on the RX Spider cos this time of year, Autumn (Fall to you guys over the 'pond') the average winds are in high teens, gusting 20+ for next few weeks. We've just had the remnants of hurricane Lorenzo dissipate over us and on the beach yesterday it was gusting mid thirties.
  3. Hi, I'm new the site but would like to contact anyone in the Torbay, UK area with Rev Kite experience. Not doing too bad on my own thanks to old posts and video tutorials. Flew my first Rev kite when they first came out with a bunch of guys who owned a kite shop in Long Beach CA... it's been a while but I've started up again with a RX and an XX... Apologies for any newbie mistakes with this first post and my profile!🙄
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