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  1. Alex D, I would listen riffclown! I own both a Exodus MV and a Vertigo STD. They were both purchased from Andy up at OSK in Ocean Shores, WA. Side note here, Andy and Brenda, well you won't meet better people!! So the reason I purchased the Vertigo was to have a lighter wind quad. Since the sail material is a little lighter than the Exodus quads, it seemed like I good choice and I have been very happy with it. I also framed it with beyond zero rods to make it even a little lighter. I think you will be very happy with your purchase and there is a lot of great help here!
  2. Hi Fred, Just thought I would mention that I own both a STD and a vented Challenger. IMHO, they are both very nice kites and the build quality seems to excellent. I am sure that whatever Andy shared with you about the kite is spot on!! The TICA 202 is also a very nice kite, but as Andy pointed out, a bit bigger and that may cause issues for you and your back. I am fairly new at kiting and am trying to learn a few tricks. I have MUCH to learn, but have no doubt that the Challenger is up to the challenge and would be able to trick with ease!! Good luck in your choice,
  3. Hey Tim, Sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner. I'd say say the approx wind range I have flown in is around 6mph and up. Probly ideally around 8 - 10. The Hydra is a great buy at $112.50!! I really don't know much about the Badass, but have a friend, Kent Kingston, who has a Mamba and he loves it!! American made, which is a BIG plus in my book, but will cost you a little more. and if you factor in the smiles per miles, maybe not so bad😀 You could also check with Kent at www.awindofchange.com and see what he might have!! Good luck!!
  4. You would need to ask Andy about the wind ranged for the lite vs std additions. I do know that much of it has to do with ones experience level. A skilled pilot, not me yet, would have a much easier time flying in the lower wind ranges with a std sail. And it seems that a number of guy's really like flying a SUL model in low winds. Me, well I struggle to get the darn wing off the ground and keep it in the air when the wind dies down🤪 Regarding the quality of the Challenger, it seems very well made. I have not seen the UL version, so cannot really say, sorry.
  5. Hey CarbonCrusher, As usual, you have received good feedback and help here. This is a GREAT group of individuals who are always willing to help!! Regarding your question of the Challenger sport kites available from www.oceanshoreskites.com. I currently own both a STD and a Vented Challenger that I purchased from Andy and Brenda. They have a fantastic kite shop there in Ocean Shores and just in case you do make contact with mother earth a little harder than intended, who hasn't, they have all the parts you may need to get your kite back in the air. They also carry many other items
  6. Hey DannyT, You have been given good information by all who have responded here!! I do not have a Djinn, yet, but I do own a Freilein Exodus mid vent and a Vertigo, set up with T0 rods for flying in lighter winds. And as riffclown mentioned, the QC on these quads is top notch. I might also sugest that you cannot go wrong purchasing a Freilein from Andy and Brenda at www.oceanshoreskites.com. They are really good people and will take care of you, before and after the sale. I do think that Rev makes a good product, but they are also doing a couple of funky things with their pro
  7. Lon

    TICA 2020

    I really like that RobB, that will look cool. It is a good sized kite!
  8. Lon

    TICA 2020

    Those are standard colors. For a little more, they do have a colorizer.
  9. Lon

    TICA 2020

    Well Christmas came a little late, but it arrived yesterday. Can't wait to get out and give it a go!!
  10. And I am glad he did!! Thanks for sharing the videos!!!
  11. I have heard about the terraced soccer fields you mention. I need to drive out there and find them. And I admit the I have lived here a number of years and have never made the trip out to Antelope Island. I should check that out also! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  12. Not sure what you are saying makatakam, but I like it!!
  13. Hey Dominik, you made me chuckle, but in a good way. I have heard of apples to oranges comparisons, but never apples to pears!! What I'd really like is one of both, but that's not happening. HAPPY NEW YEAR Lon
  14. Thanks for the explanation John!! As mentioned earlier, I have a Freilein Exodus mid vent and also a Vertigo std with a lighter frame. With that in mind, do you feel the Djinn mid vent is still a viable option or just to much overlap with what I already have? I think I hear you saying it may sit somewhat in between those two and still give me a little better upper end. Our inland wind here in SLC isn't great and along with my inexperience, I'm afraid that a full vent would never leave my bag. Am I being overly cautious here? Thanks again to all of you for your help!!
  15. Thanks Dtill, that is exactly what we do when going to the coast. My mom loves in Kalama, WA, so we generally spend time with her also. Usually go to Canon Beach, but last year spent some time in Lincoln City also. We flew my Slingshot B3 there and the wind drug us all over the beach. It was a blast!! When is the festival you mentioned? I think we are going to be in the area sometime this summer as the family is getting together to spread by dads ashes.
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