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  1. Lon

    TICA 2020

    I really like that RobB, that will look cool. It is a good sized kite!
  2. Lon

    TICA 2020

    Those are standard colors. For a little more, they do have a colorizer.
  3. Lon

    TICA 2020

    Well Christmas came a little late, but it arrived yesterday. Can't wait to get out and give it a go!!
  4. And I am glad he did!! Thanks for sharing the videos!!!
  5. I have heard about the terraced soccer fields you mention. I need to drive out there and find them. And I admit the I have lived here a number of years and have never made the trip out to Antelope Island. I should check that out also! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  6. Not sure what you are saying makatakam, but I like it!!
  7. Hey Dominik, you made me chuckle, but in a good way. I have heard of apples to oranges comparisons, but never apples to pears!! What I'd really like is one of both, but that's not happening. HAPPY NEW YEAR Lon
  8. Thanks for the explanation John!! As mentioned earlier, I have a Freilein Exodus mid vent and also a Vertigo std with a lighter frame. With that in mind, do you feel the Djinn mid vent is still a viable option or just to much overlap with what I already have? I think I hear you saying it may sit somewhat in between those two and still give me a little better upper end. Our inland wind here in SLC isn't great and along with my inexperience, I'm afraid that a full vent would never leave my bag. Am I being overly cautious here? Thanks again to all of you for your help!!
  9. Thanks Dtill, that is exactly what we do when going to the coast. My mom loves in Kalama, WA, so we generally spend time with her also. Usually go to Canon Beach, but last year spent some time in Lincoln City also. We flew my Slingshot B3 there and the wind drug us all over the beach. It was a blast!! When is the festival you mentioned? I think we are going to be in the area sometime this summer as the family is getting together to spread by dads ashes.
  10. John, what do you mean by this? Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  11. My concern DTill is that a full vent will just sit in my bag. I live in SLC UT and our winds could really be better! But we do like to go to the Oregon coast and then I bet I would be glad to have it. I was able to meet John this year at WSIKF and he, you, were very nice and accommodating, taking some time out of your busy schedule to speak with little ol me. I was impressed!! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  12. Thanks for your thoughts guys, I really appreciate them. As far as my original question, here is what I am thinking. The Djinn is going to be the better all around quad. John put an incredible amount of time and himself into this wing and it shows!! The fulcrum is also a very good quad, but is a different animal. Not necessarily better or worse, but different. Thanks again!! Lon
  13. Regretfully, I do have to watch my pennies. I really want to retire someday😁
  14. I wish that were possible!!
  15. That may be the problem honestly as you are right, I really do NOT need either😉
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