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  1. Lon

    Phoenix Pro by Bazzer

    Thanks Wayne. I was able to contact Bazzer with your help!!
  2. That is just to funny!!
  3. I hope I did not miss the answer to my question, so hear goes. Where does one purchase the Phoenix Pro and can the Ash still be ordered? If not, how does the STD do in lower wind? Thanks guy's!!
  4. I will give this a try!!
  5. frob, you mention fine tuning. How is this done besides sliding then on and attaching the velcro? I am sure what you are saying is correct, I'm just not sure how to do it and how you effect the kite by changing them. Seems a number of you may not like the idea. Thanks!!
  6. What kit are referring to Wayne? I also "gently" tightened down the screws😉
  7. I purchased a 1.5 classic recently and the springs are made to just slide off of the vertical rods. This make it very easy to try with or without. Or as makatakam suggested, the rods can just be turned. One of the rods with my kite appears to have an issue. Kent, at A Wind Of Change, indicated that he had a spare. When I went to pick it up, the reflex wire was secured to the rod under a wrap material and he was unsure of the one I had. When he checked with Lolly, she indicated the rod I have is a new design. Make it easier to fly with or without.
  8. I know that with the handles I have, the leaders are tied to the handle with a larks head. There are also pan head screws on the handles vs drywall screws. This is then located under a rubber/vinyl cap. Not sure of the actual material.
  9. Lon

    Twisted flying lines

    I cannot really say they bother me, more was the curiosity as to whether one could actually see the twists and if they might effect the length of the line😉 Yes, I have several PRISM grips and know exactly what you are referring to. Thanks for your thoughts!!
  10. Lon

    Twisted flying lines

    You may be correct that I may have exaggerated a touch. It may not have been a foot, but it was enough that it caught my attention and made me double/triple check, thinking wow, that is really off! I sure thought I saw something, but then questioned myself and wondered if I really did see what I thought I saw😉 Thanks for that!! I have much to learn, but do not want to overdue or ask to much. I really appreciate the help provided here @ KiteLife. There are a number of great individuals here!!
  11. I absolutely hear what you are saying here!! Regarding the Solus, it appears to be a very capable kite in lighter wind conditions, especially if the fellow on the other end of the lines know what they are doing and well, it appears you do. Thanks for sharing the video!! On a side note, I am hoping that Santa got my early request for a TICA😉
  12. That is some nice flying Rob!!
  13. Lon

    Twisted flying lines

    You are correct that I should not take the silence as the fact that the group agrees with me regarding being crazy😉 The lines I am referring to are spectra lines and came with a Premier kite. I wish that I could describe better what I saw and really hesitated even asking here because it sounded pretty off the wall do me!! I will go ahead and equalize the lines and hope that I have not created any further issues by twisting/untwisting the line.
  14. Lon

    Twisted flying lines

    Yes I definitely might be crazy!! I do not think I would have seen what I described, but the morning sun was coming straight down and reflecting off the lines in the direction I was standing and I sure felt like I could see something different on the left line that I was able to change by twisting the line one way or the other. But enough of you have looked at this post without responding which leads me to believe, as you nicely agreed, I may be crazy🤣 I will equalize the lines and give it a go!!
  15. OK, this may be an off the wall question, but please bear with me. I recently purchased a new kite made by Premier. My question really has nothing to do with the kite, but the lines included with the kite. As I flew the kite for the first time today I was having a hard time getting it to fly as I felt it should, I just could not get it to settle down. I should mention that I DID NOT check the lines before flying to see if they were of equal length. So here goes and please don't hurt yourselves laughing!! With the kite in a launch position and holding the handles, are you able to see twists in a single line? I asked because I thought I could see the line extending from my left hand was twisted. Sounds crazy I'm thinking!! So I twist it until I do not perceive any more twists. As in it looks the same as the right line. Kite still does not fly as I feel it should and now it is time for me to pick up and go. I wind up my lines and find that the line I untwisted now appears to be about 1 foot longer than the other. I unwind them and go back to my stake to make sure they are both secured the same and they are. Double check left line and it is still much longer. So I have two questions. Can one really see if one line contains twists and if so after removing said twists, would it really effect total length that much? I am guessing they were just equal to begin with. The left line was NOT twisted to the point where it was trying to knot up on itself. Thanks for listening and I am really wondering if I am crazy or not!! Lon
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