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  1. OK so I laid them out. I get the panel arrangement I think (read a lot of posts on here). I can't tell anything with the leading edge. Of course I've only started this journey in October. I can see a difference in material. Also the JB/TK bridal I got from here is much thinner than the one on the exp. I would assume lighter. Just a newbie having fun with all this...but I'm sucked in....of course I asked for a anemometer for christmas, so thats in my truck bag now.
  2. I'm about to go to my truck (aka kite bag) and pull them out to compare. I suppose that if everything is an "evolution" in kites why not go and get the 10 speed transmission as opposed to the 3 on the tree.
  3. Is the B2 signature the exact same as the b-series with the iquad logo or are they different?
  4. Hey everyone. So I finally got to fly the b-series full vent that I bought online and replaced the bridal on over the weekend. So I guess my question would be. Is the b-series just a better kite than the EXP? It seems to 'float' and fly so much better. Not totally sure how to describe the difference but it did seem like a different animal. Now I know its vented vs non vented but the winds were all over the place. Normal for Houston. 6mph pretty steady and gusts to 14mph. Now I'm wondering if I should get a non vent B-series when I can find one?
  5. thanks guys. I realized when I flew the exp yesterday that the holes were the same way. I guess I got confused that when I saw the one hole about the other two holes. coundnt remember the setup. gonna get a new bridal now
  6. You all were so much help with my last post, so now I have more questions. I bought a b-series full vent on ebay the other day. If you all are like me you probably saw it if you are searching like I am. Anyway, my question are, what going on with the outer leading edge in the pictures? To me it looks like new holes were "seared" in below the original hole. Would this have been a repair? Doesn't look like the top hole was torn out or anything. Only thing I see is a little fraying of the leading edge where the shaft goes in but that doesn't seem to be an issue to me. The shock cord doesn't have any of those plastic, what I call, '"bushings". Is that a problem. Seems like that may reduce stress somehow. The bridal has been replaced at some point for sure because it seems that they just cut the old bridal out from the 3 connecting points on top. Now, one edge of the bridal that is on there has the "sleeve" frayed exposing the line. Are all bridals "sleeved" line? and will a 1.5 bridal fit this kite. Im pretty sure thats the one i would need. I haven't flow the kite yet and don't really think its a good idea if the bridal sleeve is frayed to the line. Everything else looks good on the kite. Any thoughts?
  7. thanks again for all the replys
  8. So I did the handle conversion to the JB leaders today. I used the method covered on another post using the #10 blue drywall anchors. Are those really gonna hold? Also, I did not tie or larks head or anything under the screw, just laid it as flat as I could under the screw head....Is that the correct method or should I have tied it off....seems like it holds when I pull on it but I don't want this coming apart during flying...just looking for reassurance I guess...
  9. More questions for you all, I uploaded some pictures I think...on the bottom edge how much slack should there be in the bungee? These pictures if you can see them are parked inverted maybe 4mph wind at the ground..and the other is flying (springs out)...it just seems like the spar sticks way out...not sure if that is normal or not.. I did take out the springs today and flew about half the time....Seemed to slow the kite some but without my new leaders yet, these rev handles are just basically all throttle to me...maybe its just me...too much input for a newbie flying but i want to go slow and in control..just struggling with that when the wind gusts....Today the weather app said 10mph winds but I'm sure that was gusts....probably 2-14 and anywhere in between...Its like the kite wants to jump in gear when I catch a gust any ideas or comments?
  10. Lon, Don't worry about hijacking....just send me some wind and we will be even. No wind in Houston lately....guess i have to drive down to the coast.....Or I was thinking about buying 4 of those big fans from Sam's club and setting them to high, angle two up and two down, getting some 20' lines and going for it. That might be a cool video JB could make... For you pros. Another question....My bottom lines seem super slack. Lines are about 1/2" shorter on the bottom than top. I know someone said make sure all lines are same length but Im waiting on JB leaders...Shipped yesterday....With the handles that come without adjustment from REV is that just a function of 'full drive" to get new flyers in the air....Seems like a detriment to me flying in low wind?
  11. so I think Ill keep flying these 65' lines as i learn more but if i were to buy line is the best bet to buy a roll and make my own lines? what are the 'Leaders' called (the sleeve on the line) I assume someone sells that too...and watching the line management video it seems like you need some tool to get the line through it. I don't need someone to cut them for me, I can figure that out and probably save some money that way....or is buying some line someone else supposedly made to length better? wayne, my SLK "rope" isn't getting near this slippery stuff.....one of my ah-ha moments was when i saw the line for these quads....am i fishing or flying....get it up in the air and spin it and you still have control.....who figured that out?
  12. thanks for all the help guys. So today I equalized the lines. no wind here. One of my top line was about a half to 3/4 inch longer. i could see the difference right away when i would pull the kite tight to launch position. It always seemed that my left side was a little slack. Didn't sit square to my handles at the stake. Now it does though. launched up about 10 feet with a step back but with no wind so I just wound my lines up and headed off. So it was successful that I could equalize. Wayne, Pretty sure the rods i have are 1/4" I think the others you all talk about are 7/16 and they are definitely not even close to a half inch around. also thanks for the reminder about the burr on the handle. I have read you post that on here a couple of times. i don't need any more stitches Is there a way to tell what kind of line I have by looking at it Spectra or Darcon? For the price I'm sure they shipped with some low quality line. I bought it on amazon 185 free shipping. Whoever made the lines did put a sticker that says 65' 90# and they did put different color leaders or sleeves what ever they are called so i can differentiate left right and top bottom super easy so someone cared a little
  13. From what your saying it seem that weight has a lot do flying in light winds. Is also the sail material and stitching that much of a difference on the 1.5 classic from an exp. Honestly I was surprised when I got the exp of how light it was compared to my sing line kites and how the lines are so much different than flying on the "ropes" I have for single line. It made more sense once I set it up and flew as to how its possible to control when my lines are all spun together after a couple 360's. Slippery stuff
  14. Hey guys, Let me start by saying your resources here are amazing. So I am a single line flyer at the beach. Basically I tie a big kite to the bed of my truck so I can see where I am when boogie boarding in the Gulf. I was looking for new single line kites online and the next thing I know there is a Revolution ad on my facebook feed and I'm like what the heck is that and how does that work. So I buy one. So cool. Anyway I have flown 3 times now, maybe a total of 2hrs with it after the first outing where it just spun right and crashed and had to figure out that bridal was a little off but I have a few questions and what to know what you all think. I can fly it no problem, I can control it pretty good. reverse launch, hover upright, right and left, inverted for a little while. I feel like I can make it go where I want. I am on 65ft lines that came with it and it came with the standard handles with only one knot placement. I ordered some of JB's pro leaders and will do the snagless conversion. Good idea right? Should I get different length lines? Easier to fly? I fly at some soccer fields near me. Its like a park with 8 or 10 soccer fields and a couple baseball fields. Of course all the fields have light poles around them so the 65' fits well. I do notice that the one time I flew when the wind was blowing probably 10-12mph with some big gusts (its always choppy) that the kite will pull hard after a spin and catch a gust. Not as smooth as all the videos ive seen. Probably me over correcting and adding drive but if I have more brake adjustability from the JB leader this should help Right? I'm going to use the method of start all the way out and see if I can launch and go from there to adjust. Im also confused on the kite size. Is the exp the same size at the 1.5 or B Series or the rx xx they sell now? Its my understanding the exp is built to take a beating and is maybe a little heavier that some other kites so it doesn't want to fly great in low wind if I get another kite what will the frame from the exp fit?. Typically we have 4-7 mph wind here inland (im in Houston). Also should I take out the reflex springs? are they like training wheels? seems like some of you old schoolers think they are gimmicky? Im sure I have more questions but appreciate any advice. Learning this thing on my own. Well that not really true, all the reading on here and the videos ive watched I feel like you all and JB are my personal coaches.
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