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  1. @frob hey frob, last time i checked A Wind Of Change (kite store in vegas and saltlake city) had dynamic spars...which one broke?
  2. welcome to the forum, Icarus as it turned out, i didnt get a Benson, i got a couple of used Widow Maker Pros being sold by John Barresi here in the classifieds...im still looking at the Bensons but in the meantime ive picked up a used Blue Moon Mantis, a used Level One Genesis, and just recently an unflown Prism Quantum Pro.plus i have a pair of Sky Burner Ticas on order...my plate is full to overflowing the Hypnotist is a good kite especially for beginners but needs too much wind for where im at. if they made an ultralight or if someone reframed one a couple ounces lighter ...hmmm
  3. thanks dragonfish, i didnt look under the tail strap, the lower spreaders are 5pt thanks mebeatee and jaydub200, this forum is a great resource
  4. thanks midibot, definately a match
  5. thanks cerfvoliste i found some specs for the Mantis on the web that match my quick measurements of the kite, also read several positive reviews...unless Ken made other models with the same measurementts as the mantis, then i guess a mantis it is. hopefully the Level One will be as easy
  6. (couldnt fit this one in on the 5 meg limit above, so heres the Level One)
  7. bought 2 used kites a few days ago, a Blue Moon, unknown model and a Level One, unknown model. the owner just didnt click with them so theyve been in storage for some years. he demo-ed them both and they do all the tricks...the Moonie has a 95" span, leading edges 63.5", spine 36", stand-offs (2 per side) 10.25" weight 11.5oz the Level One has a 90" span, leading edges 61.5", spine 38", stand-offs inner 11.5", outer 10.75"weight 11.25 oz, red Level One tag on inside of spine below center T, center T is aluminum, kite bag says "Made in Heaven" any help is appreciated, thanks
  8. have you looked at the spec page for the challenger at oskusa's website? seems like they put the right stuff in and on the kites, other than that i dont know much about them. also found a post here in General Sport Kite > OSK Challenger by Mikelp3586
  9. funny i was just thinking about an older, overweight man with a bad back... then i turned away from the bathroom mirror and turned off the light, and now here i am trying to answer your questions...probly need more info about your back and your skills with kites to say much more...generally ultralight kites will pull less if the back is an issue and expensive kites are more fun to fly if budget is not an issue.
  10. i'm no expert but i have a similar but not as serious issue with an ultralight. Widow Maker. in a turtle i have to move back probly 15' to keep the lines from getting too slack. i havent thought much about it since i can stay ahead of it but im thinking maybe the weight of your lines overpowers the weight of the kite. try something like 50' of 50lb line to see if it helps...if the lines youre using are already that light then im stumped (for now)
  11. just ordered a pair of Ticas, should get them in a month, i hope. i chose a simple color scheme to sort of match my other pair of Skyburners, but also to mimic the native birds, mainly eagles and vultures.
  12. wellcome to the forum Andy, its a great place to learn and grow, been at it myself for a year. ive also got a few Prisms , (none that i would part with right now) i'm a big fan of the E3 and Zephyr and fly them often. good luck in your flying and collecting.
  13. great choice Blue, i'm looking forward to hearing about your Mamba, from what ive read its one of the best. its definitely on my list of kites to get...in the mean time my wife, 4 sons and 9 grandchildren are all eyeballing my A-bag so im committed to putting together a B-bag, hence the Hydras. if i ever find a real Hydra made by Focus Kites (Paul DeBakker) it will go in the A-bag. words of wisdom, Exult, bonding with a kite might be more rare than we think...best to hang on to them and try again later... khsidekick: i'm just north of you in Longview, wa...hope to get down your way t
  14. welcome to the forum Carbon Crusher we recently had a similar conversation with ackack in Sport Kites/General Sport Kite/ "which stunt kite for second kite?" i think hes going to really like his new Into The Wind/ Hydra...very good buy right now for $112.50. check it out at Into The Wind item #7231 there should be a you tube vid of the hydra linked with ackack's post..i have 3 of them myself. good luck.
  15. I've been flying the Hydra since last summer and have accumulated 3 of them so far. the only negative thing I have to say is there are only 2 colors. the shaking/pulsing sensation is something i notice when the wind is gusting or choppy. otherwise its a smooth flyer. if you're flying with the nose back on the 2nd knot its more sensitive in higher winds. so fly with caution if the wind is in the teens till you get to know the kite. I recently had to replace the female side of the lower spreader. (it had been cracked and was being flown with black electricians tape around the crack at th
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