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  1. hi Woody,welcome the best place locally for kite parts is Theresa at The Kite Shoppe, in Vancouver (online sales) she may have a line on a used Gemini. i know a guy with one for sale but hes pretty private and wont be back up here (Long Beach) till May.
  2. the Trick or Treat video was the only Benson video i knew about till Mike posted this one. most videos if not all are a little sketchy on showing the inputs and the kite at the same time. this video is the best at that. another plus is organizing the tricks in a logical way from simple to complex.also very helpful.
  3. hey Mike, sat morning at ocean shores sounds great...we just have to time it for some 4-10 mph winds, more or less...and warmer weather if the wives come...seems like Tim was flying in pretty low winds for this video. we would probly just come for the day...after all the cost of a room is about equal to a new ITW Hydra lol. in case you're not famiiar with OSKUSA, they are a great kite store located on the beach approach at ocean shores...you can stock up on kite parts for your inventory and drool over all the kites they have hanging from the ceiling. last time we were there my wife busted a c
  4. hey Mike, thanks again for posting the video, its probly the best ive seen so far. i'm struggling with the axel-to-fade roll too. i finaly realized the kite points left or right before it passes through the flare as well as after when i was flicking...bingo...its not easy to get the opposite hand flick so quickly after the initial flick but when i do... it rolls right into a fade...i still have a lot of precisionizing and beautifying to completely own the trick but i think this video has speeded up the learning process quite a bit. congrats on the deep space, what color did you get? and lastl
  5. Saturdays forecast winds seemed a bit much for me but Sunday looked good... i can be there as early as 10 on Sunday...if shes like my wife she might not even want to do something till noonish...
  6. so i looked at Weathernetwork's forecast for Brownspoint and Sunday afternoon is the first day with sub 10mph wind (Brownspoint seems to get the same type of weather as the coast) Monday is the first low wind day, 4 gusting to 6. the next good day was probly Thursday, 6 to 9. like i said i take off on kite road trips once or twice a month and im retired so meeting up with you even though its two hours away is no big deal.
  7. i have a few places to fly around the Longview area, probably Willow Grove Park (25 min away) is the best at this time with low winds and trees disturbing the wind as the biggest problems. to the south near Kalama there is a sand spit out in the Columbia River ( 25 min away) which is great when the wind is right at low tide only. otherwise my choices are a 45 min drive to Vista Park to the west on the Columbia or continue on to Long Beach, another 45 min. or i can go south toward Portland where there are several places on the Columbia around Vancouver and Portland. the only place ive flown to
  8. hey Mike i'm south of you in the Longview area... i'm in if you don't mind flying with a newbie.
  9. the Quantum was my 2nd kite, the one i learned how to fly around without crashing too much. i eventually gave it to one of my sons for his first kite as i moved on to more technical, trick kites. fast forward a year and we are flying at the beach in June this year...im struggling to get good looking half axels on my Hydra, so i trade kites with my son and proceeded to get perfect looking half axels, one after another on the Quantum...so yes the Quantum will trick, it seemed a lot more forgiving of my sloppy inputs than my Hydra and even my Widow Makers...i guess that means i need another kite.
  10. thankyou...they are gorgeous, and they are a dream to fly, they cut through the air in their own special way like a hot knife through butter...my two Widow Maker Pros have that same sensation...must be a Skyburner trait... on the subject of B(uying) M(ore) K(ites)...my total so far this year is 10, 4 new and 6 used, all boutique-ish freestylers...whew it feels good to confess!
  11. i've used sky shark II 3pt on a couple hydras with no noticeable effect...the sky sharks are a little smaller in outside diameter so some masking tape is needed to fatten up the small end. i would like to find some black masking tape for appearance but a black felt pen kinda works. good luck
  12. june of this year marked a year for me in this sport/hobby/addiction and i ordered a pair of custom Skyburner Ticas to celebrate...see post above...well they arrived mid september and i have been flying them at least a few times a week since. most days the UL is now the first kite out, taking the place of my Widow Maker UL Pro, unless the winds get below 2. at roughly10.5 oz and with a bigger sail area the Tica UL is a like a bigger, slower version of the 8.5 oz WMP UL. for me slow is good as my main interest is learning freestyle flying and having a little extra time plus a bigger visual
  13. @frob hey frob, last time i checked A Wind Of Change (kite store in vegas and saltlake city) had dynamic spars...which one broke?
  14. welcome to the forum, Icarus as it turned out, i didnt get a Benson, i got a couple of used Widow Maker Pros being sold by John Barresi here in the classifieds...im still looking at the Bensons but in the meantime ive picked up a used Blue Moon Mantis, a used Level One Genesis, and just recently an unflown Prism Quantum Pro.plus i have a pair of Sky Burner Ticas on order...my plate is full to overflowing the Hypnotist is a good kite especially for beginners but needs too much wind for where im at. if they made an ultralight or if someone reframed one a couple ounces lighter ...hmmm
  15. thanks dragonfish, i didnt look under the tail strap, the lower spreaders are 5pt thanks mebeatee and jaydub200, this forum is a great resource
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