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  1. NdR

    HQ Shadow Bridle Mod?

    Thanks guys. I will invest for wingtip-end caps. No cost, no weight - nothing to loose. Thanks also for prusik knot - seems I've done the lark over lark, which is not the proper one. At least not in my case anyway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. Hi all, As a beginner with few months of experience (Elliot Mirage for fitness training, Prism Hypnotist for mid-wind and HQ Shadow for 2-8 mph wind) i tend to need the ground recovery more often then I want, so trying to master it. With both Elliot (but this beast is more often in air than on ground) and Hypnotist I usually have no issues to put them back in the air, without the 'walk of shame'. The story is totally different with HQ Shadow. I have usually issues with un-tangling (unable to get rid of tip wrap because of sail nock) , and ground recoveries 'slips' the Angle of Attack bridle adjustment way, way over the scale. I have noticed, I am not to gentle on short, sharp pull when doing Cartwheels, so the connection of lines changes the position by 2-3 inches making the kite steerable only in one direction. My questions are: - is there a way to make the bridle connection more "stable"? As far as I remember, this is double lark's head. Do You guys put something between both High Wind AoA and Low Wind AoA red markings? In Prism, there is a knot, so the line will not move beyond far-end settings. In Shadow, everything is possible when You tug it too hard... - am I too rough with the kite while recovering? I fly my Shadow with ~65 foot lines and usually feels comfortable with it (besides very lowest winds).
  3. Good day John, good day everybody. Since I joined the hobby not that recent ago, I will be mainly here in 'reading mode'. Have a good, stable winds folks!
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