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  1. Thanks BobL. I'll have another look online in terms of age range. I read some user reviews where pre-teens were able to learn to fly the Jazz, without too much trouble, that's why I was considering it. I was leaning towards the Jazz as it appears to be more beginner level (even for an adult).
  2. Thanks for the advice. I do like the idea of relaunching without walking to the kite so I will have a look at the Rock On kite. I can envisage that my nephews would get frustrated by this!!
  3. Hi Everyone, My first post in this forum. I’ve been searching for a kite to buy my two 8 year old nephews for Christmas. I have bought them each a Prism Zenith 5 but now that I’m learning more about kites I’ve realised that I should’ve bought a dual line/stunt kite instead, as they will be bored quickly with the single line kite. Here in Australia the Prism brand seems to be the most prominent and so I’ve narrowed the choice down to the Jazz or the Nexus. Can anyone advise on which one would be more suitable for an 8 year old boy? I have read that the Nexus is larger and so it is easier to control. However I also read that it has more pull. What does that actually mean? Should I be looking at the Jazz which is lighter and buy a tail for it so it slows it down a little? As you can read I am a novice in the kite world so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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