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  1. geezer (RIP)

    Darned Brithdays

    Pulled another darned all-nighter tonight putting whatever finishing touches could be made on the new issue of Kitelife. Sorry it was a tad late, but we were running low on Tequila! the way - Happy 32nd, Barresi! geezer
  2. geezer (RIP)

    Bob Moore record attempt

    Hi Jorge - ...Yeah! So do I. He kind of implies that he will do so, but we're not certain at this point. Anything can happen over time, and my guess is that he won't make another attempt until next year. geezer
  3. geezer (RIP)

    Bob Moore record attempt

    Hi Jorge - Nope, Bob did NOT make it... For more information, see Bob's post in: -> Kitelife Forum -> Single Line -> General Discussion Geezer
  4. geezer (RIP)

    Debbie & Lee Park

    Hi Kram - What to say to all that??? All right - to start with, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Lee and Debbie are truly amazing people... My initial reaction to your comments is that "Aw Shucks, just doin' my job!" thing, which is certainly quite true... And immediately after that is the bit about "All I did was ask the questions," which is also true. Lee and Debbie really did all the hard work. I think, however, that I want to thank you - and not just for myself either. Folks who write for Kitelife by and large go unnoticed, and that's WAY too bad! So I'll THANK YOU for all the folks who've written for Kitelife who never got mentioned. I'm delighted you dug well enough to pull out a name. Thanks! geezer P.S. - As for YOU Mz. Lingenfelter, you're lovely, you're delightful, and you're BIASED! And I sure appreciate your comments anyway (LOL).
  5. geezer (RIP)

    List of Quads

    ...and don't forget the newest hot quad - WindFire Designs' "Flame" quad... an awesome-looking SUL. Kitelife hopes to get a Flame to test later this year. geezer
  6. geezer (RIP)

    Kiteboarding site

    All right, Penny - We'll see what we can do... Mind if we give you a little credit in the intro too? geezer (...the lazy "assistant editor" )
  7. geezer (RIP)

    Issue 35

    Penny, Penny, Penny... What's with all this whining, eh? So you're gonna beat me up because I went to a party without you? Well, there's another Kite Party - the same time next year! Same place too! And I've already emailed Barresi that we should just kidnap you and Steve - and just drag you two along with us when we head south!!! Seriously, this Kite Party affair is just too great to be missed. You'd enjoy yourself tremendously, and you'd be sure to reacquaint yourself with a bunch of your old friends, too! ...and three or four days of flying - in the sun and warmth - in February... Give it some thought, won't you? Think about it and let me know... You can reach me via email at <>> geezer